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Wimax 3.65GHz

The gov't release 3.65GHz range.  Anyone have any experience in deploying 3.65GHz point to multipoint?

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Re: Wimax 3.65GHz


Greetings. I read your comment and listed below are a few points that come to mind:

1- This is an unlicensed frequency band (i.e. potential for interference as anyone can use it) with a lot of power restriction.

2- Due to the FCC power restrictions, the Basestations (BTS) will have to operate at a very low-power. While a typical licensed-spectrum WiMAX BTS transmits 2-8 Watt (33-39 dBm), a BTS operating in the 3650 MHz is limited to a transmit power of around 0.1 Watt, (10 dBm). That is way lower than even a cell phone (20-23 dBm).

3- Thus for the US market, you'd definitely need an fixed Outdoor CPE to have any reasonable chance of putting this system to use. This is not the "personal broadband" application.

4- The CPE vendor community does not see a viable volume in that market and thus few have considered it. You will find niche vendors offering both BTS and custom CPE to operate in that spectrum.

5- The 3.65 GHz band ends up to be a small addressable market such as municipalities. Often with municipal-type opportunities there's a lot of talk but limited follow-through.

6- Finally, there's the existence of a potential substitute --> The 2.4GHz mesh product that Cisco offers.


Yasser Hannush

Sr. Manager-Marketing

Cisco-Broadband Wireless Business Unit


Re: Wimax 3.65GHz


Hi!     Thanks for shedding some light on the 3.65Ghz discussion.

ZiMax Networks is a small startup looking to use the (Semi-Licensed, not unlicensed as you still have to askk the FCC for permission to use it and tell them exactly where you plan to) 3.65Ghz Spectrum to introduce Quad-Play services.

May not be CLEAR but you gotta start somewhere!!!

The reason we are on you site YaHannus is because getting Cisco equipment anywhere in the food chain is obviously the most excellent choice, at least in our minds so when a particularly challenging technology is being discussed I am assuming (maybe hoping?) that Cisco would take the lead in the research and development of a specific technology that a WISP startup might be looking to you for guidance on.

There isn't always the luxury of "that technology wont' do it, use this one". The RUS funding we are going after is to get 3.65Ghz in service, we would like to do the Wi-Fi mesh thing too but selecting a location that is unserved/underserved and to get a tower that close is EXTREMELY CHALLENGING!

That said we will continue to look to the leader {That's you Cisco} for excellent products with which to build outstanding networks and services upon and God willing enjoy great success and prosperity while we enjoy using the gear.

Thanks for reading.


Derek B. Moore

CIO/IT Director

ZiMax Networks

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