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Wireless Solution to remote users


Please tell me the outdoor accesspoint which covers upto 9km in each direction.  Actually laptop and home users which have to connect to Head Office.  How it is possible using wi-fi.  Please tell me any solution.

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I am not aware of any WiFi solution that will work over a 9km range.  There are some alternatives, however:

If you gave access to licensed WIMAX spectrum (2.3 GHz, 2.5 GHz or 3.5 GHz), an outdoor link can work over those ranges.  Alternatively, if unlicensed is the only solution you have, you could use a point to multipoint solution such as a Mesh system.

You can see more about Cisco's WIMAX products at

best regards,

Paul Sergeant

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your reply.  Please tell me that if I use Canopy, will it work with indoor CPE.  And if I use Cisco WiMax, will how much hieght of tower is required for 9km distance with indoor CPE from all directions.



There 900MHz product family does have an indoor CPE, but you are not likely to see 9km out of it in a typical installation.

A 9km cell radius using WiMAX is going to be dependant on a lot of factors: buildings, trees, hills, etc.

That's the problem, you can't have both.

If you want to use an indoor modem, the maximum distance for WIMAX is typically in the 2 - 3 km range depending on wall thickness and frequency.  You can use outdoor (rooftop) antennas over ranges up to about 15 - 18 km, where the limit is actually the speed of light and processing time.  We need either faster processors, or a non-Einsteinan universe

The Canopy system uses all outdoor antennas, and can acheive ranges in the 20 to 50 km area depending on terrain, using unlicensed spectrum and directional antennas.  Unlike WiMAX or WiFi which both use OFDMA, it uses FM with long frame sizes, so it can work over the longer distances.


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