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85MR4 Interim Build Availability

We are pleased to announce the fourth 85MR4 Interim ( for production deployment.


Access Request :

(Within 24 hours automatic access to software download will be given)


Software Image Download :

[NOTE: Please make sure to use Aspera Client to download files, if downloading for the first time from you will be prompted to install Aspera Client on top of Website]


Feedback Form :


Base Code:

Special Build:

8.5 MR4 Interim Release Notes is the 4th Interim build published from the CCO image and it is an engineering special that resolves the following additional caveat(s):

CSCvm47630  native sub-interface could not be properly set on MAP's Gig port 1

CSCvm23672  sometimes COS AP doesn't send IAPP update after client address change

CSCvi84734    702w AP, client intermittently cannot connect- decrypt errors

CSCvk35047   WLC stops working when LAG mode is enabled on the AP

CSCvk72638    8.5 and 8.8 : Fixing HA issue and FCS errors on MGIG Port

CSCvm51648  WLC open auth guest Clients unable to pass traffic and PEM state struck in STATICIP_NOL3SEC

CSCvk46817  AIR-AP2802I not sending beacons with both radios in 5GHz

CSCvh77575    ATF monitor mode config for AP group is not reflecting on GUI

CSCvm33617    Configuration file should not be modified due to low flash memory

CSCvm41626    Assoc/Disso stat trap on GUI enables enhanced Assoc/Disso stat trap but does not generate stat traps

CSCvm68489    AP3800 sets predefined string as 1815 if option 60 is enabled

CSCvm73919    Alpha: 1832 kernel panic due to "WLAN driver causing looping in the code"

CSCvk73639    WLC to support OUI based Client Profiling

CSCvj86238    WLC stops working as emWeb spikes to 100% CPU usage after executing "show run-config"

CSCvm34641    WLC is sending packets out to Gateway with DF = 1 when inside header is set DF = 0 - EoGRE

CSCvm62619    WLC crashing with task emweb after "debug flexconnect" command is typed

CSCvm65360    WLC redirects to internal webauth login page after successful external webauth login

CSCvm71487    2800 /3800 AP dropping the Neighbor Advertisement for Global Ipv6 address

CSCvj96316    Cisco 2800, 3800 APs in Local mode leaks some MAC addresses from clients into the Local switch port

CSCvm83689    vwlc crash while configuring ssc hash/ ssc token

CSCvm13931    Few 1800Is are taking hours to download image

CSCvk59536    Unable to upgrade to 8.8+ ME from 8.7

CSCvm92573    AP TxUC accounting information only reaches 2147483647 as max value

CSCvk05396    vEWLC:3802I reloads with capwapvpndecap/cw_mcast_reasm :: CapwapReassembler - bad mem_used

CSCvk43936 AP2800 with LAG enabled can't get DHCP IP

CSCvm25082  EoGRE clients ARP Response inside CAPWAP gets corrupted

CSCvk62828    ME: Need to cleanup /storage to make room for corefile

CSCvm17371    With scale , not all EoGRE clients are moving to primary TGW.

CSCvm36763    Memory leak in 128-byte pool for tunnel_task.c

CSCve31869    Enable dual DFS filtering for 1560

CSCvk62355    AP2800 running ME image, crash in ewsContexSendRedirect200->ewaDate

CSCvj41817    IOS AP 3702 fails to upgrade from to 8.5MR3 with 3802 as ME

CSCvj75953    SDA: client entries seen on wlc if AP disconnected from wlc and had 11a+11xor+channelswitch config

CSCvm32197    WLC crash on webauth_redirect_main task

CSCvk39432    v6 Frag:Changing PMTU on router to v6 minimum(1280) is not changing AP PMTU to 1280 for Click AP

CSCvm15886    Enabling/Diisabling VLAN Transparent doesn't work reliably

CSCvj38456    WLC is losing its EoGRE configuration after reboot

CSCvk38950    DNAC UI is not showing international char name ssid

CSCvk72075    WLC is sending incorrect counter value for the broadcast and multicast throgh SNMP

CSCvm15331    Adding AP802 PID's to support new ETSI regulation

CSCvm04842    WSA 8.5 : Issues in WSA Stats

CSCvk71715    8.8 WLC: Client events gets dropped during continuous assoc and auth events

CSCvk72149    FEW-WLC5520 crashed when client association is attempted over fabric enabled open wlan

CSCvk20801    MAC OUI database not getting updated

CSCvi73013    Cisco Wave 1 AP deauthenticating client due to idle timeout

CSCvm03831    WLC crashed with SNMPTask in on 5500

CSCvm15625    DCA channel assignment on XOR radio is broken while static 5G assignment

CSCve74000    In 8540 standby wlc, Ap inventory output not displaying.

CSCvk76043    SS-P2:Unable to Associate clients with PSK/dot1x security in Flexconnect Standalone Mode.

CSCvk25593    1542/1815I APs - Ethernet interface flapping when connected to 100Mbit switchports

CSCvm05695    AAA override for native vlan with flexlocal switching not applied to client on 1562

CSCvj47460    WiSM2 crash on SNMP task

CSCvk53963    DNS-ACL - 1815 ME switchdriver crashed in

CSCvk62680    WiSM2 not releasing licenses after reboot

CSCvm07201    AP3700+HALO: NULL in rrmClientMonitorNeighborUpdate after WSSI disabled+WIPS submode

CSCvm14183    In GUI unexpected Error Message while disable AVC with flow monitor Configuration

CSCvg50655    False RADAR detection inside shield box and no RADAR source

CSCvk41512    APX800 sniffer mode not sending frames with AMSDU 1500 Bytes to destination

CSCvm10716    ME/WLC is not sending wlan post-auth ACL to AP if AAA accept receive w/o any acl

CSCvk15321    AP INFO Notification Prioritization

CSCvk36887    Some clients cannot associate because their entry is not getting deleted at the WLC.

CSCvk39948    WLC is not returning the expected prompt when logging in via SSH

CSCvm06089    Barbados AP sends the rogue Traps with invalid info affecting Prime/DNAC

CSCvf83983    client filter not working for Monitor clients page

CSCvk27093    NAS-ID in WLAN cannot be changed in the startup-command after you saved once

CSCuw22659    Memory leak with QoS/AVC - PPM_FILTER_API, PPCP_PPM

CSCvm46810    WLC System Crash in Dot1x_NW_MsgTask_7 due to validateWpaKeyStateSTART

CSCvk59498    AP3702 High CPU Utilization under NCI Rx. Unable to join WLC

CSCvk61078    VLAN priority tag inside the EoGRE packet set to non-zero when 802.1p set to none in LOCAL mode

CSCvi25724 Cisco IOS APs unexpectedly reloads due to bad CPQ on 8.5
CSCvg76166 Channel Utilization changes to 0% on Wave 1 Marvell APs
CSCvk23508 No legacy rates; default to lowest CCK/OFDM rate
CSCvk41068 Advance IPMI is not set and causing fan noise
CSCvm00214 WiSM2 memory leak due to hotspot_anqp
CSCvg50680 AP3800 still advertises RSN IE after WLAN is changed to OPEN
CSCvm04245 1810W AP reports low power after requesting and receiving 14.2W after upgrading to
CSCvc80047 Unexpected AP reloads - dpaa_get_pool_id_from_ios_pool_ptr
CSCvj65449 AIR-AP1562D-E-K9 with regulatory domain Kazakhstan does not join the WLC
CSCvk22312 hotspot2 OSU SSID is picking profile name
CSCvk24360 WLC power supply status is incorrect when there is no power supply
CSCvk03161 Remove Sensor role support for XOR from OID "cLApDot11XorRadioMode"
CSCvk62055 COS AP Preimage download fails after 64 retries with poor WAN link
CSCvi51858 WLC not sending proper VSA list at acct-stop when client moves to another SSID
CSCvk26732 New Flash recovery logic
CSCvh58467 Kernel Panic with PC at skb_release_data+0xe0/0x230
CSCvf05741 Reason for channel change is shown as none and noise/energy/interfere as 0 for the dual band radio
CSCvf91292 ME: For external webauth/CMX connect landing page is always WLC
CSCvg09787 8.6:GUI filtering is broken if change channel on XOR and back while this issue is not on 802.11a
CSCvg23810 PMTU change to 1500 from a lesser value is not reflected in AP
CSCvg80634 WLC msglogs flooded with DNS-3-GETADDRINFO_SUCCESS every 10mins with DNS for NTP
CSCvi78286 WLC Dashboard does not display the correct values for client throughput
CSCvi80205 ETSI domain Compliance and Throughput testing
CSCvi84843 Client filter matches WLAN SSID, not WLAN Profile or WLAN ID
CSCvi84849 Cisco 1852 series APs unexpectedly reloads due to Kernel Panic
CSCvi85464 AP specific configuration lost post ap reload - wlan-acl mappings and policies lost
CSCvi86267 Mesh I-Domain: only supports 2.4Ghz, default backhaul should be only 2.4ghz,
CSCvi90766 Cisco AP with regulatory domain Morocco cannot join the Cisco WLC
CSCvj08387 WLC stopped working on spamApTask6
CSCvj17181 Creating a webauth CSR cert on the WLC GUI does not allow spaces
CSCvj37393 Cisco Wav 2 APs not sending probe response when SSID is not broadcasted
CSCvj48364 Cisco Controller is generating client traps without a session-id
CSCvj61140 Having Sensor-Driven tests configured cause 3802I AP to intermittent unexpected reload
CSCvj65217 IW3702 AP LED intermittent off after finished reload when powered by POE/POE+
CSCvj73077 1810W APs may have power denied from older POE 802.3af switches
CSCvj95464 1562/1542 Ethernet Bridging: Low throughput
CSCvj95744 3700 - Downstream Ping test fails for wgb wired client with flexconnect local switching
CSCvk00884 The WLC is replying with the wrong value for the following OID: bsnAPIfProfileParamAssignment
CSCvk02153 Wave 1 AP WLAN Client Stats cldcClientDataRetries counter is zero
CSCvk18752 Incorrect VCI string of DHCP option 60 on AP 1815
CSCvk23577 Client is unable to connect due to "Failed to create a timer"
CSCvk26519 1562 MAP stops sending Block ACK once the 1572 RAP moves to another WLC
CSCvk26563 AP1810W 5G radio FW assert @0x009A4F9F
CSCvk42592 Disabling "Out of box" in RF Profiles throws SNMP error
CSCvk44831 LSC cert:Click-AP not taking configured LSC cert keysize.
CSCvk44959 WLC crash on Taskname 'emWeb'
CSCvk51634 Wave 2 Flex Efficient Upgrade fails as Master AP sends empty image_str to WLC
CSCvk53743 8.5_New mobility:UI throws wrong error message while adding used public IP
CSCvk55651 AP1852 failure of association due to set CAPWAP tunnel failed
CSCvk63459 3802, 4800 AP drops packets larger than 1426 (inner IP) with VxLAN
CSCvk64829 Observing CMX Certificate error and WSA cert releated XML message on Mob Exp
CSCvk66354 8.5MR4 - GUI issues with Assurance Stats
CSCvk66762 8.5MR4:Error sending/receiving register device request/rsp&ACT2 could not be registered in tam
CSCvk68546 8.5MR4 - Stats for Bulk Sync Count is not showing as per number of bulk sync happened
CSCvm00236 FD leak during certificate transfer & other review comments
CSCvm01370 Missed committing file during double commit of CSCvj97430
CSCvm02074 mmDbAnchorExportGetList to be cleaned to make it work for different flows
CSCvm02935 Ethernet bridging with VLAN Transparent enabled doesn't work with non-native VLAN
CSCvd67485 Cisco 3700 AP Tx stop Radio reset due to false radio Tx inprog count
CSCve40941 Mobility with DTLS: pkt dropped using MAC lookup instead of IP address

CSCuq00445 Add CLI/GUI option to disable Weak SSL cipher suites on WLC
CSCur14475 Request syslog, SNMP to show users making config changes
CSCvd05051 Store controller reset history
CSCve14291 CAP1830: "show version" shows old software version as "AP running image" and longer up time
CSCvc62540 Smart Licensing next communication attempt pre-dates the controller time after reboot
CSCve73807 802.1x: Dot1x user config for specific ap is not persist in the controller after AP/Capwap restart
CSCve84257 [8.5] show inventory displaying incorrect output for AP802
CSCvf19400 Mobility statistics is getting updated wrongly for L3 roam
CSCvf22066 Enable conversion from broadcast DHCP to unicast DHCP
CSCvf32557 flex connect local switching standalone mode eogre client connecting as simple client
CSCvf75888 Unsupported AP801s can still join WLC
CSCvf82148 8.5MR1:Many years of "Control Path Last Flap Time" showing wrong and alignment to undertstand
CSCvf89335 Cisco 3700 AP stopped working with memory allocation failure CAPWAP
CSCvf94353 Exclusion timeout not respected after consecutive LWA wrong-credentials attempts
CSCvf95958 No SNMP support for EDCA options like fastlane.
CSCvf99887 MAP Gigabit port being learnt in Mesh management VLAN instead of client VLAN
CSCvg04043 Wireless clients not able to stream multicast data with AP 1562 as RAP and MAP
CSCvg06111 WLC "in sync" with NTP while authentication is ignored with invalid keys
CSCvg09787 GUI filtering is broken if change channel on XOR and back while this issue is not on 802.11a
CSCvg16095 Incorrect values of RSSI, SNR are being reported to WSA
CSCvg23581 Passive client enable value is not persisted after AP reboot
CSCvg27613 DHCP Proxy is enabled and DHCP Server info is removed from the Dynamic Interface, disables the WLAN
CSCvg28331 IAPP update for IPv4 address for COS AP
CSCvg29728 AP3800 is not using 2SS right after OpMode Notificaiton action frame sent from STA
CSCvg30157 WLC crash observed while wlan edit at usmDbWlanOpenDnsProfileEnable
CSCvg34766 Flex/SDA: IPv6 only client stuck in DHCP_REQ state on WLC
CSCvg34769 ME UI: Top 10 access point dashlet shows APs with 0 as stats
CSCvg43654 Cisco Wave 2 APs in FlexConect mode do not forward DHCP NAK to wireless client
CSCvg47452 DhcpV6 packets are not getting handled in Encrypt mobility
CSCvg51450 On 3800 local switching ap moved from S->C Mcast Downstream traffic fails on wlan client.
CSCvg68588 IPv4 and IPv6 fabric ACL name getting corrupted with maximum length - AP unable to decode
CSCvg71788 8.5MR1 - Id Token is displaying incorrect value in "show network assurance summary"
CSCvg78210 AP syslog config does not change level from AP syslog to informational it remains in emergencies
CSCvg90508 Kernel Panic seen on AP during Weekend Longevity
CSCvg92904 [WSA_Fabric] Vlan is showing wrong in DHCP events for Fabric setup
CSCvg94718 Standby WLC reloads unexpectedly on spamApTask
CSCvg95965 Max radius message retransmissions not happening when aggressive failover disabled for radius
CSCvh04037 Client profiling history to display the reason for profiling the client with device name
CSCvh07772 1542 Mesh: RAP throughput is 50% less than epected in UL. Local mode is as expected
CSCvh19234 Stale dtls connection entry is present in the standby WLC
CSCvh21297 Cloud CMX connection does not work on WLC post upgrade to which was working earlier
CSCvh21605 ME - wired clients drop-off shortly after being started from show client ap remote-lan
CSCvh22988 WLC Crashed with task name emweb while accessing GUI.
CSCvh47217 Default AP name is not externalized
CSCvh62827 Wireless client cannot communicate each other with dynamic VLAN
CSCvh67548 Cisco 1600AP sending de-auth frame with reason code 7 to Random MAC Address XX:XX:00:00:00:00
CSCvh86834 802.11w client association data traffic drops after 802.11r roaming with PMF enabled or optional
CSCvh87585 mag interface under pmipv6 global option changes to 'management' upon wlc reboot
CSCvh96956 AP-COS fails to translate downstream CAPWAP DSCP to correct 802.11e UP value
CSCvi00898 Valid client on Rogue AP does not work other than Mac delimeter as "No delimeter"
CSCvi01147 LSC cert keysize not retain after upload/download config
CSCvi04556 SSO failover causes mobilty tunnels go down
CSCvi06841 show flexconnect status gives no o/p if AP is in pure v6 network
CSCvi09153 Cisco Wave 1 APs radio reset due FST14 FW: cmd=0x31 seq=6 due to mcast stuck in radio
CSCvi13589 Locally generated webadmin certificate shows as 3rd party after upgrade on 8.3 code
CSCvi18343 WLC crashes on "show memory allocations all" on 5520 wlc
CSCvi30627 Config missing after WLC failover
CSCvi30993 Lost neighbor AP field on WLC GUI - NEIGHBOR AND ROGUE APS
CSCvi31691 'show certificate eap' cli doesnt display certificates
CSCvi32951 Cisco Wave 2 APs go offchannel if scan deferral value > 255 msec.
CSCvi39871 3802 capwapapd crash
CSCvi42244 IPV6 :WebAuth Clients moves to RUN state after WLC is reloaded
CSCvi42919 Cisco 702w AP - Radio resets with ath_ACIF_radio_dead message
CSCvi45149 No RSSI/SNR info displayed with show client detail
CSCvi46134 WSA : Core file not getting generate when NA restarts
CSCvi48427 'Enable DHCP Option 82 - VPN select' setting is lost after WLC reload
CSCvi49126 RSN IE validation fails in M2 (802.11r session timeout) after reassociation causing deauth code 17
CSCvi51536 Access Point is not sending TCP fragments over the air
CSCvi53734 AP 3800 : ME mode: Capwapd crash seen after upgrade
CSCvi57213 Cisco 1832 AP unexpectedly reloads with 'PC is at __napi_complete+0x28/0x60'
CSCvi65222 dot11 arp-cache does not work if BVI VLAN and client VLAN are different
CSCvi67565 TrustSec: AP picks wrong SXP Node ID
CSCvi72334 L2 roams fails for EOGRE client
CSCvi73402 Cisco 1810W AP not giving IPs to cell phones using WPA/TKIP protocol
CSCvi74534 1542 I domain support
CSCvi74683 AIR-CT3504 mGig showing FCS errors incrementing
CSCvi77757 Cisco AP does not copy DSCP to TID marking correctly for Wi-Fi calling packets with AVC profile
CSCvi78286 WLC Dashboard does not display the correct values for client throughput
CSCvi78819 HA : config service statistics not synced after failover
CSCvi82147 Failed to set Country Codes when WLC has redundant country codes CA2, KR, PH2, US2, USL, USX
CSCvi84511 Cisco 3800 AP with Wired1 (aux) LAN enabled - CDP-4-DUPLEX_MISMATCH messages constantly logged
CSCvi84843 Client filter matches WLAN SSID, not WLAN Profile or WLAN ID
CSCvi85834 New Mobility CAPWAP control keepalive should not plumb keys when receiving unencrypted responses
CSCvi86834 Mesh Ethernet bridging - wired client associated to MAP fails to pass traffic over tagged VLAN
CSCvi90756 show system dmesg to have option to dump and clear
CSCvi91017 The FlexConnect groups are missing in backup configuration file
CSCvi92170 Cisco 1800 series APs falsely shows 100% channel utilization on 5GHz
CSCvi95619 With ethernet bridging disabled, client still able to reach wlc
CSCvi96066 Cisco Wave2 APs on 8.5MR3:2.4GHz backhaul map will not connect to RAP/Wave2 AP client low throughput
CSCvi96718 Cisco ME (Mobility Express) unexpectedly reloads on DHCP spamSendConfigSync
CSCvi97282 Assigning a NetFlow monitor to the WLAN will internally enable AVC on WLC
CSCvj01739 Cisco WiSM2 unexpectedly reloads on task name sshpmLscTask after initial config
CSCvj03161 IOS AP not reporting known interference with disabled WSSI module
CSCvj06837 MAP Wave 1 AP mesh security failures after roaming between 2 parents
CSCvj07769 COS AP should get it's WLAN-VLAN mapping reviewed and adjusted with WLC after joining.
CSCvj07805 Wrong syntax NVGEN'd for "sniffer" CLI, after the CSCvd01486 commit
CSCvj07930 Cisco 3802, 2802 AP with DART connectors has a Tx power value of 0
CSCvj11251 Cisco 2802 AP not sending re-association response to Cisco 8821 phone
CSCvj11270 Watchdog reset out of memory on Cisco 3800 AP running code
CSCvj11397 Cisco 3504 Controller - OpenDNS registration failure - Return 77
CSCvj11851 CAP2702I-A Authentication frame got stuck in Fw in RLDP mode after a Sw watchdog
CSCvj13920 WLC system reloads unexpectedly due to task name RRM-MGR-2_4-GRP
CSCvj16170 Client is not re-directed to correct virtual IP in case of invalid credentials
CSCvj16399 Need a way to clear the stats counters
CSCvj23235 WLC: Need to change active fall-back of AAA probing w/probes of 'dead' RADIUS server
CSCvj23814 IPsec tunnels not coming up with GCM ciphers
CSCvj25768 Bridge mode Cisco Wave 2 Mesh APs bridging issues
CSCvj26203 Config static IPv4 but still using DHCP IPv6/after AP joins WLC, still sends Discovery Requests
CSCvj28487 wrong v4 and v6 acls applied to client on roaming from dot1x to web-auth wlan with fast ssid enable
CSCvj28658 Cisco 1810wAP kernel panic leads to unexpected reload on PC at ieee80211_node_authorize+0x90/0xb8
CSCvj32964 WGB is only allowing 8 MAC addresses pass traffic using 3802 AP [as CAPWAP AP and 3702 AP as WGB]
CSCvj33358 WLC: Serial Number for Hyperlocation Module seen truncated
CSCvj33894 Add 'show advanced hyperlocation summary' to 'show run-config' and 'show tech'
CSCvj34992 Additional info from NAC to be displayed
CSCvj35343 Transfer upload support for WSA & Webhook certs
CSCvj35883 Allow Cisco 2800, 3800 APs to be able to convert to sensor mode
CSCvj36175 WLC crashed @ spamSendCreateAcl+433
CSCvj36491 Corrupted phase calibration programmed in Triggerfish EEPROM
CSCvj36923 Cisco AP name mismatch with controller on join
CSCvj37276 WLC crashed @ dot1xMsgTask
CSCvj39197 COS AP Capwap message elements in capwap discovery response to be dropped
CSCvj39594 1542 AP Flex+Bridge is present in both default flex group and custom flex group as well
CSCvj39633 CWA wlans configured in 8.8 is shown as open+macfilter after downgrade to 8.5
CSCvj41040 Cisco 1800 APs in Cisco FlexConnect mode, fail FT roam
CSCvj41907 WLC: Probing is done for Active mgmt radius servers even mgmt-kick-out functionality is disabled
CSCvj42433 l3 webauth roam failed when mobility encryption enabled - pkts going out from HA standby
CSCvj43589 COS APs:WiFi clients ping fail with a 6.x.x.x IP address
CSCvj44800 client entries getting deleted from standby controller post AP FT - client sync failing in HA
CSCvj44892 ping fails from wired bridge client with non-native access vlan to gateway
CSCvj47323 show cert all command to read WSA & Webhook certs information from flash (NOT from cert store)
CSCvj47445 Cisco WLC sending CAPWAP discovery response when it has no available licenses
CSCvj47452 NTP md5 key can't be retrieved, by which time sync is failed- upgrade downgrade test 8.2 to 8.5
CSCvj48448 Need to remove Optimized Roaming option from Moblity Express ealier than 8.8
CSCvj48823 WSA : ap-capwap non-filtered Channel shows backward IP in discovery key section
CSCvj50100 ME Free memory decreasing on ME setups over the time
CSCvj50170 Client coming back within 10 seconds of cleanup time is stopping the DHCP timer on the WLC
CSCvj50799 Unable to transmit https erroring out
CSCvj53743 Cisco 1572IC AP: Channels and Maximum Power Settings settings spreadsheet incorrect values for V02
CSCvj53817 AP LAG:Downstream capwap traffic to APs with LAG have the fixed DST UDP port
CSCvj56030 Make WSA Agent restartable from watchdog
CSCvj56689 8.5 MR3: AP1850 stopped working due to OOM
CSCvj59374 Guest FEW : Client State "Export foreign" after doing inter WLC roaming from IOS AP to COS AP
CSCvj60609 vWLC Webauth not working
CSCvj62221 WLC UI : 2800/3800 AP as a sensor ,Block XOR Radio Role Change from Client Serving to Sensor
CSCvj62288 Remove Negative Bias in FRA Sensor Selection Algorithm for non-XOR Radios
CSCvj62672 WLC sending wrong NAS ID when AAA override is enabled
CSCvj67007 WLCwlc crash with taskname "osapiBsnTimer"
CSCvj69146 CME reloads unexpectedly in a loop due to PMALLOC_DOUBLE_FREE (capwap_ac_sm.c)
CSCvj70604 Mesh APs MAP Best-Effort tx queue stuck
CSCvj70790 Cisco Aironet 1800, 2800, and 3800 Series AP ARP Request Handling DoS Vulnerability
CSCvj71905 Change in MIB collection behaviour
CSCvj72111 [SDA] Inaccurate Fabric client history/count when nonFabric client joins WLC
CSCvj72136 Barbados AP (2800/3800) loses its default gateway reachability
CSCvj72766 UX AP:Primed UX AP reset to UX when SNTP server is configured
CSCvj72890 Cisco 5520 WLC reloads unexpectedly when RADIUS server returns invalid value in Airespace-ACL-Name
CSCvj75227 Redis memory usage is high on ME & support for new cmd to check dictionary memory in Redis
CSCvj76009 Alpha 3800/2800 multiple WSA Agent process running, that might be the cause of OOM trigger
CSCvj76378 Local policy is not applied when foreign WLC is running
CSCvj77078 WLC unexpectedly reboots on Dot1x_NW_MsgTask_1
CSCvj79108 WSA-8.5- NAC restarted with signal 6 after few minutes of WSA enabled in scale setup
CSCvj79479 Cisco 8500 Wireless LAN Controller Web Interface Unvalidated Redirect Vulnerability
CSCvj80388 Flex-ACL on Wave 2 AP's denying host instead of subnet
CSCvj81101 Alpha 3800/2800 VAPs/TBTT timers are not enabled properly.
CSCvj90802 Sensor: 1800S and AP-AS-Sensor not reporting neighbor information when tests are not scheduled
CSCvj91645 Clients not getting exported to anchor on New Mobility
CSCvj92959 Day0config push from APP to WLC always takes as dynamic ip
CSCvj94659 Unable to update TACACS+ DNS parameters on configuring IPv6 DNS server under global settings
CSCvj95984 AP38/4800 seems to be hung in POE negotiation, unable to be reloaded from console either
CSCvj97129 Neighbor packet Tx failure on AP Model 1542 and 1815
CSCvj97430 Mobility Express AP - Loop detected causes AP reboot
CSCvk01283 AP Trustsec:Corsica/Barbados APs reloading with watchdogd Process sxpd gone for 60s
CSCvk02692 SNMP optimization for MIB read
CSCvk03686 EoGRE client count is not getting cleared in Standby on switching SSID
CSCvk05965 Cisco WLC in HA SSO: standby controller is in a reboot loop
CSCvk06178 Uplink BPDUs are not bridged
CSCvk09513 AP is not downloading the WLC 85Mr3 image rather it says image is already in the backup
CSCvk12282 click ap1832 got crash when make a voice call
CSCvk15043 Wave 1 APs - AP radio FW image install failure in the bootup loop
CSCvk15068 IOS APs, recovery logic for MD5 checksum failure on primary Image
CSCvk15165 Cisco Controller reloads unexpectedly after modifying SNMP trap controls via GUI
CSCvk19286 Policy mapped with wlan and APgroup lost during upload download config file
CSCvk38453 AP not generating any discovery request
CSCvk53743 8.5_New mobility:UI throws wrong error message while adding used public IP
CSCvk60630 1542 AP's mode is not correct when downgraded from 8.8 to 8.5
CSCvk63215 Cisco 1852 series APs Kernel Panic due to NSS memory corruption
CSCvk63784 8.5MR4 - Error String is not getting updated in Last Error field in "show network assurance summary"
CSCvk65908 Sanity : ct5520 crashed with taskname emWeb when checking "show tech-support" on ctlr
CSCvk66354 8.5MR4 - GUI issues with Assurance Stats
CSCvk67480 8.5MR4 - Stats for auth-server,acct-servers etc are not incremented



I see several 0 byte files that were created this morning, did an upload of the new files get cut off? The .partial files happen to be the ones that I need.

Nevermind, they are there now.




Which image do I download for the 8540 WLC?






It's written in the release notes.
In your case: AS_7500_8_5_137_73.aes

Can we get the fix for CSCvm65360 in MR4? Was introduced in 8.5.135 so it seems appropriate to fix that one in MR4



I'd guess it will be fixed in the next MR4 release, as it's listed in Bug toolkit as fixed in

Ah. I was looking at a notification service email which only had it marked as fixed in 8.8, looks like someone just added 8.5 to the fixed releases.



Is there an ETA on when this will be posted to CCO?

Hall of Fame Community Legend

@kdavison007 wrote:

Is there an ETA on when this will be posted to CCO?

8.5MR4 is scheduled for November 2018 (according to TAC) and 8.8MR1 was (past tense) scheduled for last week.



Is 8.5.MR4 still on the roadmap for end Nov 18?. Is there a date when it is public to CCO?

I Requested access to the Beta put dosent get an answer.  We would like to make testing with 8.5.MR4 with 8540 Controller for our big maintenance windows in Feburar, where we move from 8.2.MR7 to 8.5.MR4 with about 3500 APs.


I think it still looks good for a release soon.



We installed this release in our environment to address  CSCvf91292, we have rebuilt our SSID's and ensured that the "config custom-web webauth-login-success-page none" parameter has been maintained on the WLC but we still seem to be hitting this bug.


When a client connects we can see the CMX address briefly and then we are redirected to the internal page of the WLC.




Will CSCvn24517 be resolved in the final release?  This looks like a fairly serious 3702 bug.


*EDIT*  It looks like it's resolved in according to the notes.


Anyone know what files on the share are for an 8540?


Should be:

AS_7500 = { 5520,8510,8540 }

AS_5500 = { 2504,5508,WiSM2 }

AS_3500 = 3504




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