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9120 with external antennas?



So i know these are new access points and a lot of things haven't been decided yet. I'm working on a design where I would like to use the 9120 access point with external antennas (preferrably in FRA mode).  If I recall correctly I think it had an extra dart connector for one additional antenna apart from the normal. If I look at the datasheet I can see the following models:




Since I was looking to mainly use the 2566P4W-R and 2566D4M-R I think I should use the C9120AXE-E (since I'm in etsi domain).

So I have two generall questions here, should I still use these antennas or are they going to make new ones for the AX access points?

Why can't I find the C9120AXE-x and C9120AXP-x SKU in the CCW?

Anyone had the same issues/question? Thankful for any answers.


On a sidenote to cisco, would be nice if you could label a discussion with Catalyst Access Point, you considering your forcing us to stop using aironet...





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Re: 9120 with external antennas?

The 9120 does have the DART Smart Antenna Connector on the 9120E and 9120P models.

To connect it to the 2566P4W-R and 2566D4M-R antennas would would need the AIR-CAB002-DART-R= cable.


Cisco Catalyst 9120E Access Points are certified for use with antenna gains up to 6 dBi (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) where as the Cisco Catalyst 9120P Access Points) are certified for use with antenna gains up to 13 dBi (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) with the AIR-ANT2513-P4M-N= antenna


I know the 9120s were still going through certification in some domains which might be why you are not seeing them in CCW best to reach out to your Cisco SE or AM

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Re: 9120 with external antennas?

Re: 9120 with external antennas?

Thanks for the information Haydn, do you also know is it's possible to connect two 5GHz antennas and make the access point operate in a FRA mode as well. I would like for one access points to have directional antennas in opposite directions, kind of what's done with the 3802 access point (maybe possible in the 2802 as well not sure about that one). If this is possible would it be a case of two AIR-CAB002-DART-R= that I would require in that case?




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