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Can somebody clarify EDCA parameters WLC 7.6

When you read the help for EDCA see below. it states use WMM when voice or Video services are not deployed on your network

But WMM classifies voice and videointo different classes so why not use it. I have a mixture of Ascom i75s and Cisco 7921,7925 phones

Which option should I use?


Choose one of the following options from the

EDCA Profile drop-down list:

WMMEnables the Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM) default parameters. This is the default value. Choose this option

when voice or video services are not deployed on your network.

Spectralink Voice PriorityEnables SpectraLink voice priority parameters. Choose this option if SpectraLink

phones are deployed on your network to improve the quality of calls.

Voice OptimizedEnables EDCA voice-optimized profile parameters. Choose this option when voice services

other than SpectraLink are deployed on your network.

Voice & Video OptimizedEnables EDCA voice- and video-optimized profile parameters. Choose this option

when both voice and video services are deployed on your network.

Custom VoiceEnables custom voice EDCA parameters for 802.11a. The EDCA parameters under this option

also match the 6.0 WMM EDCA parameters when this profile is applied.


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I would use "Voice Optimized"

I would use "Voice Optimized" option in your scenario.



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This is a very old thread,

This is a very old thread, but the asker makes a great point: This is not documented well anywhere I can find. There is a description of when to use each setting, but not what each setting does in detail. Is there a more detailed behavior guide for each of these settings somewhere? 

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Hi Richard,

Hi Richard,

I would suggest to go through below Ciscolive presentation to get an latest update

BRKRST-2515 - QoS Design and Deployment for Wireless LANs (2017 Las Vegas)

Based on different EDCA profiles, different class of traffic (Voice, Video, Best Effort & Background) get different transmit opportunities. Below slide that explain TXOP is from above cisco live presentation.

If you go through below twitter thread, you see Mark compare these EDCA parameters when you set WMM, Voice Optimized & Fastlane. (Cisco slide shows TXOP in Fastlane profile)

Hope you can get some idea from above


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Re: Hi Richard,

Hi all,

just to follow up on this, because I stumbled over this today as well.

So in the 7.6 release, the EDCA profile WMM follows the IEEE 802.11-2012 specifications. The same applies to the 8.3 release.


Beginning with the 8.3, there is an additional profile "Fastlane". This profile follows the IEEE 802.11-2016 specifications. I don't get it why Cisco didn't name that profile WMM IEEE 802.11-2016 :)


I wrote a detailed blog post about this topic here, along with some PCAP files or the beacon frames using the different EDCA profiles.

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