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Cisco 2504 as Anchor not passing TCP 8443


I have a very strange scenario with 2504 WLC. It is deployed as an Anchor with 5508 as the foreign. In summary, my set up is as follows:

2504 - Anchor (version 7.6.120), Port 1- MGT, Port 2 - Guest subnet, No AAA Server, Internal DHCP server

5508 - Foreign (version, Guest interface (dummy, non-routable and no vlan on switch), MAC filtering, ACL-redirect, AAA with Radius NAC.


The mobility tunnels are up and FW rule also allows DNS and TCP/8443 from the guest subnet. The guest client receives its DHCP address and queries external DNS on the DMZ, but after that nothing happens. The web redirect URL times out.


I can see hits on the FW ACL for the DNS query and response but none for TCP/8443. The client browser times out. From wireshark, I can see the client query the DNS for the ISE hostname and the DNS replies with the IP address, but I don't see the guest send a packet to ISE. It's as if the DNS packet flows through the Guest interface, but the TCP/8443 packet doesn't flow out of the Anchor WLC to the Foreign to be sent to ISE.

Please does anyone understand this very strange occurrence.




After contacting Cisco TAC

After contacting Cisco TAC without a successful resolution, I discovered that Policy Set was the problem. This was very strange as the Policy set was evaluated and the correct Authz policy applied. 

I had a policy set with Radius conditions equal 802.11 AND Wireless_MAB. This was to separate it from another policy set for 802.1X. The Wireless_MAB policy set was evaluated and the web redirect ACL was applied by ISE, but after that ISE didn't respond with the Guest Portal page. 

As soon as I removed the condition Wireless_MAB from the policy set  definition, the Guest portal worked.

I think Cisco should either evaluate the Policy set functionality and fix it or release a statement that Policy set can't work with 2 conditions defined, which I think doesn't make sense as why would I use Policy set for Radius Nas_Port_type 802.11. This means the 802.1X Policy set would be checked first (if it is first in the order) before the Wireless_MAB Policy as both use NAS_port_type of 802.11.

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