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Cisco AP3802 Doesnt Show 802.1x SSID

Hi , we replaced current AP's 1602-2602 to 3802 with WLC 5520. We are using 802.1x authentication with WEP. After replacing AP's new 3802 doesnt show this SSID which we use with 802.1x . After I changing authentication type to WPA-AES 802.1x , I can see SSID. I find some topics TKIP is not supported by 3802 its okay but I didnt see any bug etc. about 802.1x , any recommendation?

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Stay away from WEP. Use WPA2

Stay away from WEP. Use WPA2/AES



Are you saying it won't work

Are you saying it won't work with WEP?


Re: Cisco AP3802 Doesnt Show 802.1x SSID

The same symptom appears in the AP 1800.
Is this a specification?
(WLC5520 Version8.5 & AP185X)

Re: Cisco AP3802 Doesnt Show 802.1x SSID

Based on the Wireless Compatibility Matrix you are safe from a Code Rev, AP, and WLC perspective. 

Do you have AP groups defined ? 

Is it feasible that the SSID in question has not been assigned to the appropriate AP group ? 

Sorry, I have to ask is it possible that the on the WLAN tab the SSID in question is not enabled and or not being broadcast ? 

Can you see this SSID from any APs in your environment ? 



Will Kuczmera 


Re: Cisco AP3802 Doesnt Show 802.1x SSID

>Will Kuczmera 

Thanks for Reply.





・AP185X:15.3(3)JF8(from WLC Deploy)


>AP Group


The AP is participating in the Group.
SSID has Broadcast.
Other SSIDs are visible.
Only the SSID of "802.1X + WEP" can not be seen....
(From NotePC or inssider)


>Other AP

The two APs are in the same situation.


Re: Cisco AP3802 Doesnt Show 802.1x SSID

I have the same problem. Migrating a customer from a 2504 controller which historically had 802.1x authentication configured as Layer 2 Security


Under Layer 2 > Layer 2 Security dropdown menu > 802.1X

802.11 data encryption WEP 104 bits.


This SSID works fine on the 2504 controller running version and the SSID is visible.

With the exact same configuration on the new 3504 running, the SSID is not broadcasted.


Any help would be appreciated because this is going into production next week, and rolling out a new SSID and GPO will be a challenge...

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Re: Cisco AP3802 Doesnt Show 802.1x SSID

I'm not entirely sure, but it might be unsupported on the x800 platform with 8.5 code:

Anyway, as WEP offers no protection at all, better move to unencrypted Open or WPA2+802.1x (the latter is recommended). Even worse, you might use domain credentials over WEP, which everybody can simply capture and abuse.

Re: Cisco AP3802 Doesnt Show 802.1x SSID


Table 12 Features Not Supported on Cisco Aironet 1810 OEAP, 1810W, 1830, 1850, 2800 and 3800 Series APs



  • Encryption

Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP)

  • Locally Significant Certificate (LSC)
  • TrustSec SXP
  • Dynamic WEP
  • Static WEP key for TKIP or CKIP 6


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