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Cisco WLC 5508 - About DCA Configuration

Hi everybody,

I want to ask all of you about DCA settings on my WLC. I attached my DCA conf. In my topology there are 10 APs. But as you can see the attached files, APs usually choose channel 1. Is there smth i'm doing wrong? I can share other setting what you ask if you want to see. (The neighbour 3 APs choose the same channel.)

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What controller software

What controller software version you running ?


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The 7.5 train was removed,

The 7.5 train was removed, thanks to it's software "quality". I suggest you first upgrade to or The runs really well, so I suggest this release.

Release notes

Have a really good look at the chapter Upgrading to Cisco WLC Software Release 8.2.x a few things have changed since 7.x.

Your TPC configuration looks fine, are your access points in an open space?


They are in a Warehouse. I

They are in a Warehouse. I also know how my software is but i afraid smth going bad after upgrading. By the way i use two controller active/hot standby. So are there any document about upgrading software on redundancy mode?

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If you use the normal

If you use the normal Redundancy feature SSO, you simply upload the software to the primary controller (through the normal software upgrade procedure). Once it's uploaded, it will automatically upload the software to the standby controller. Once that is done, you're asked (if you do it through the GUI - Code download function) to reboot BOTH controllers at the same time. This will cause a downtime of around 15-60 minutes until all APs are up again.

Before you reboot, you can initiate a code pre-download to all APs, that way they only need to reboot, which is way faster. Then the whole downtime is 5-10 minutes.

Manual pre-download:

Regarding Warehouse, if it's all open space it will make the RF distribution a bit special and you might need to manually set the channels/signal strength. I don't have any experience with open space though.

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Your AP are running with

Your AP are running with extremely low power (most on the minimum possible). Do you use external antennas or do you have the max power restricted under RRM - TPC?

What's the chosen Power Threshold there, also the TPC mode? 


attached TPC conf.

attached TPC conf.


Re: attached TPC conf.



Regarding the power levels of your AP's, I'm not surprised channel 1 is often in use as you have small RF cells.




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