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connect 2 sites with 3 wireless device

Hello guys!

I want to connect 2 site's LAN with wireless, but no clear line of sight.

so i have to implement one more device on a building between the 2 sites.

Users on the remote site (3.) have to reach resources on the 1. site.

1.and 3. outdoor access points     the second can be indoor ap (1242)

Please explain how can i do this? or How it works.

first ap is the root, the second is the repeater and the third is the non-root device?


It is possible? if yes please give advice, how to configure the ap-s.


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connect 2 sites with 3 wireless device

I dont think that would work.  Your building two can be the root and the others non-root, but you have building 1 as the root.  The only way I can see this working is using mesh AP's, but then the price for that is a lot more.  Point to multipoint means the building two has to be your root and you can have other non-root connect to that bridge.

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connect 2 sites with 3 wireless device

Yes you're right, but what you think about that:   page 16. ?


I want to do something like these!

It good for me if this possible with other devices.

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Re: connect 2 sites with 3 wireless device

It can possibly work that way but not using a repeater. I think you will need to mount external antennas, but if you have the APs, set it up in a lab and see if it works.


Scott Fella

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connect 2 sites with 3 wireless device

On paper it will work.  In reality?  It's a pain and you'll be forever adjusting each of the antennas.


Re: connect 2 sites with 3 wireless device

Hi all!

Thanks for the replies!

I made this lab below, and here are some problems.

(WGB= Workgroup bridge mode)

I want to made 2 point to point connection to connect the 2 sites lan and everithing works good until

4 wired clients are behind the WGB. (all 4 client can ping the router on the other side lan)

If more than 4 like you see in the picture, the fifth client pings dont work good, and random bad things happen in the network.

There is a limitation on wired client number, behind Workgroup bridges?

or it is simply not the way to connect the 2 site?

I attached the configs too.

Please give some advice for me about it.

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