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Connect iPad to a wireless network without internet



Thought I'd post this just in case anyone has dealt with it previously.


I need to connect an iPad to my corporate wireless network. The wireless network doesn't have direct access to the Internet. My problem is that the iPads don't stay connected to the wireless network. The wireless network uses WebAuth for security, once you authenticate via the web browser it connects to wireless then falls back to 3G.  When performing a packet capture I can see the iPad attempting to access internet URLs e.g  when connecting to the wireless network.  My theory is the iPad tries to connect to sites like the site to confirm Internet connectivity, if it fails then it falls back to 3G internet.


My question is does my theory above sound correct and what are the URLs an iPad tries to connect to, so I can put proxy exceptions in for the URLs to allow the iPad to remain connected to wireless and not fall back to 3G?



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I might have just answered my

I might have just answered my own question. I just found the post below in a forum. It lists the URLs below:


So, I can shed a little bit of light on ipad/ipod stuff. The Idevices, as soon as it connects to a wireless connection, try to hit their "success" page. This way, if the device is behind a "captive portal", the user will immediately be prompted for credentials. The success pages are located (on IOS7 at least) at,,,, and 

Here is where it gets interesting: If the user chooses to NOT enter the credentials in the captive portal, the device drops the wireless and, depending on the ios version (even small differences. for example 6.1.2 vs 6.1.3) disables the "autojoin" on the "network". 

We have firewall rules in place so that no matter who the user is, always allow access to those domains at all times, day or night

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