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Do I need DNA Spaces and/or CMX on-prem?

Hi. Working on plan to upgrade from 5508/2504 controllers, prime and MSE.


The features we used prime/MSE for are:

1. Inventory

2. Coverage Maps

3. Monitoring/troubleshooting/alerts

4. Locating clients and rogue APs on maps.


I'm trying to figure out what I have to buy to cover these functions. Since Prime is dead, I know I have to buy a DNA Center appliance. But I'm still unclear re DNA Spaces and CMX on-prem.


After reading this

and talking to a Cisco rep, I'm more confused than when I started. It seems to say CMX on-prem is required for some things but not others, but I'm not clear what those things are. Also, the data sheet seems to say when using CMX on-prem it's just an intermediate connection to DNA Spaces, but the rep told me you could just use CMX on-prem and skip DNA Spaces.


My questions are, for the 4 functions listed above:

1. Is connection to the DNA Spaces cloud required, or optional?

2. Is CMX on-prem required, or optional?


Thanks for any clues.


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CMX and Prime are going to merge into DNA Spaces.
Are you planning to use BLE? IF you are, you need to have a chat with your Cisco AM/SE/PSS and ask them about Web CMX.

No, we have no need for BLE, but thank you for the heads up.

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DNA-Space is to replace CMX/MSE in the long run. Another thing is DNA-Space is always cloud offering. In that context


1. If you get DNA-Space, then your WLC required to send location data to DNA-Space (direct or via connector)

2. CMX on-prem is not required, if you already have it then you can use it to communicate with DNA-Space 




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Thanks, that makes sense and was my original understanding.

What's making me seek clarification is this statement from the Data Sheet:


6. Integration with Cisco DNA Center or Prime Infrastructure: To provide location data to Cisco DNA Center or Prime Infrastructure, an on-premise Cisco CMX server is currently required.


That sounds to me like if you want to locate clients and rogue APs on a map in DNA center you need CMX on-prem. Can you explain the seeming contradiction?


Also in Table 4 it seems to say CMX on-prem is required for Cisco DNA Center integration? Can you (or anyone) explain this?


I must say the whole migration from Prime/MSE/CMX to DNA Center/DNA Spaces has been one big tangled mess. Even my Cisco rep is confused. 




I'm not perfectly sure with DNA Center, but on Prime you didn't need the CMX to have a "where is client xy now" view, the CMX was only needed for the past.
Also active rogues are shown, but again not the past.
If that is enough for you, you might not need DNA Spaces / CMX.