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EIGRP Routing through Wireless LAN Controller

Fairly intriguing project I am working on that requires some interesting out of the box thinking.  I have a 5508 Wireless LAN Controller.  This is still preliminary design so the version of code can be whatever.  The 5508 has Cisco 1552 Wireless MESH Access Points.  Connecting to the MESH Access Points are Cisco 1262 MESH APs which can I am hoping can be bridged to utilize the ether port to connect to a Layer 3 switch.  This layer 3 switch, I need to run EIGRP so that the network behind it can be separate from the MESH network and route accordingly.  I know it sounds odd but was hoping for some feedback as to if this is even possible.  Basically, the network is extremely mobile and trying to cut down on the broadcast domain and segment this out a bit. 

Layer 3 Switch doing EIGRP ----->  5508 WLC ---->  Cisco MESH 1552  ---MESH---> Cisco 1262 MESH AP ---Copper---> Layer 3 Switch doing EIGRP ----> Network

Any thoughts?


I cant think of anything thatsays your scenario is not possible. It looks possible to me.

You need to keep something in your min though:

1-) you need multicast enabled on the WLC for EIGRP to work because EIGRP uses multicast messages.

2-) you need QoS configured correctly on your WLC/WLAN because routing information should have highest priority over other packets.



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Ethernet bridge traffic does not hit wireless controller So it is not necessary to enable AP Multicast on WLC/WLAN specific to this scenario since the traffic is bridged among Mesh. also configuring QoS on WLC won't help either.

Router between the network and the mesh—Provides a Layer 3 boundary where security and policy enforcement can be applied. The router also provides Layer 2 isolation of the RAP. This is necessary because the RAP bridges traffic from its local Ethernet port to the mesh, so this traffic must be limited to that necessary to support the solution so that resources are not consumed by the unnecessary flooding of traffic.

Bridge Multicast

QoS on Mesh


I don't get the answer clear Saravanan , then EIGRP over mesh network is supported?