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failed external MAC authentication for mashAP

I am setting up a MASH network using 1240 AP and 4402 WLC.

After setting up a rootAP I added a mashAP and put his MAC address in the local MAC filter table!

Everything was fine: mashAP joined the network, and everything was fine.

After that I wanted to do external MAC authentication using ASC 4.2

I set up the WLC in the network device group, added mash AP mac address in a user group (username eq MAC address, password eq MAC address with colon as a separator)

I defined radius servers on WLC, defined colon as a separator. I added image name MAC address as a user with same password to the same user group.

Reload the mashAP and never achieve to authenticate again.

I got Auth OK message in the passed authentications log for username c1240-c84c75a0f598 on the ACS srv and nothing else!

On my WLC I am getting: AAA Authentication Failure for UserName:c8:4c:75:a0:f5:98 User Type: WLAN USER

If put the back my mashAP MAC address in the local MAC filter table, mashAP join in minutes.

I would apriciate any help regarding setting up external MAC auth for my mashAP

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