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Fast Roaming Mode - What does it do?


Under 802.11b/g settings for controller templates in WCS there is an option called ?Fast Roaming Mode.?

What does it do? I haven?t been able to find any documentation on it. From what I?ve seen, it just says check to enable it.

We are having some problems with clients staying connected. I?ve been doing some research and decided to the following:

1. Disable Aggressive Load Balancing

2. Changing the session time out.

3. I?ve also looked into changing the User Idle Timeout to something other than 300 seconds.

4. Remove ?DHCP Required?

We?re setup in a manufacturing environment and have some handhelds that need to be connected as often as possible.

We?re using WLC 4402?s running and LAP1242 AP?s. WCS is running

Any help would be appreciated.



Re: Fast Roaming Mode - What does it do?

Fast Roaming decreases the amount of time it take a wireless client to move from one access point to another. It allows the client to see virtually now delay in associating with the new/closer AP. You need a WDS to implement it:


Re: Fast Roaming Mode - What does it do?

You do not need a WDS because you're running LWAPP. CCKM is a feature that cisco designed to help with fast roaming but test thoroughly because there are known issues with CCKM and Intel hardware.


Re: Fast Roaming Mode - What does it do?

Thanks for the responses.

We have multiple different types of hardware connecting, many using Intel. I've read a little about CCKM and want to avoid it.

I've done more looking and still can't find any other information for that specific setting. I'd like to try it but I can't because we are in production right now.


Re: Fast Roaming Mode - What does it do?

It is a roaming-related drop, or do they just get dropped while sitting still?

Don't forget to check the client side. 95% of our issues have been client-side related (namely Intel client drivers).


Re: Fast Roaming Mode - What does it do?

I think most of the drops were related to Agressive Load Balancing. We hardly have full coverage so it isn't something we should use.

We seem to have corrected most of the problems. The two things I'm most curious about now are the topic and if you should ever change your "User Idle Timeout" to something other (longer) than 5 minutes.

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Re: Fast Roaming Mode - What does it do?

Hi Eric,

The "Fast Roaming" is primarily for Wireless Voice Apps so probably not applicable here.

The fact that you have disabled Agressive Load Balancing is an excellent call here as it is used for areas with Multiple AP's in close proximity.

The "User Idle Timeout" is set at 5 minutes by default but can be changed (as indicated below)

There are two timers that control the users association information called Idle Timeout and Session Timeout. Both of these timers can be changed. These are the default timers:

Idle Timeout - (300 seconds)

Session Timeout - (1800 seconds)

From this excellent doc;

Hope this helps! It sounds like you are on the right track here :)


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