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Re: Help with WLC 5508 configuration

That's a bad IP address for the management GUI, I suggest to rather use or higher. Reserve the x.1 addresses for your 2821 or ASA, depending on which device is routing the VLAN in which the IP range 192.168.2.x/xx configured.
So first things first, create 2 VLANs for the wireless, one for management (where the APs and WLC ap-manager interface will be connected to) and one for the clients. The WLC then requires a Trunk port from your switch (assuming you have a manageable switch) or router, containing both VLANs.
Assume is VLAN 20 (client access) and is VLAN 10 (management). In the initial setup of the WLC, or later the interface configuration, you have to tag those two interfaces with the correct VLAN number.

On the router you create two vlans and then vlan interfaces:
conf t
vlan 10
name management
vlan 20
name clients
int vlan 10
ip address
no shut
int vlan 20
ip address
no shut

By entereing those commands you have created routing on the router for the two networks and also the required vlans. Leave the ASA away for the start. You will also somewhere require NAT (for internet access), but for just testing try to attach a wired client to vlan 20 and ping it.
The APs you add to a switch which is configured for Access Port Vlan 10 (management), the wired test client to Access Port Vlan 20. The Switch and Router must be connected by a Trunk port. You can leave the Switch away if you have enough Ports on the router.
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