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How to setup CISCO AIR-CAP702i-E-K9?

I just got one of these Access Points and I need to set it up. No guide online helped me so far, except one that says I need a controller of some sort on the same network. Is there a way to set up the Access Point easily without any additional hardware?

I have plugged ETHERNET to a router w/ DHCP and it now has an IP Address but no port is accessible. I have tried pressing the MODE button and then powering it until the LED becomes Amber but that does nothing. 

As far as I understand the CONSOLE port uses some proprietary protocol that makes it need additional hardware to use. 

Isn't there a simple way to visit this IP on port 80 and have a Web UI?

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Have you gone through the

Have you gone through the Startup guide

Please read the below once:

Lightweight Access points:


Yes, I've read them but they

Yes, I've read them but they all say how to make the access point connect to a "Controller". I guess this is some CISCO hardware that I need to buy or an app that runs on Windows. Assuming I configure DHCP / DNS to point to a controller IP, what kind of equipment / software does the host on this IP need to be?

Why isn't there a simple interface that I can login to in port 80 in order to manage the AP directly and I have to use a ton of stuff just to set it up?

Assuming I find a "Controller" and set it up, do I have to use the "Controller" in order to change any settings every time? Can this AP be used stand-alone? If I have to use a "Controller" then I'm returning it first thing tomorrow..

Quick over view bud ..  Cisco

Quick over view bud .. 


Cisco wireless has 2 flavored. 

Controller and Autonmous 


Most of Cisco aps will do both modes. If you deploy a Cisco ap in Autonmous mode you have to load or insure Autonmous firmware is loaded and configure the individual ap. 

Controller wise, you join the ap to the controller and it allows for central management. In other words you control all your aps from a central point. 


Controllers come in software or hardware. Hardware wise the smallest controller is the 2504 and can be licensed up to 75 aps. HTH

"Satisfaction does not come from knowing the solution, it comes from knowing why." - Rosalind Franklin

Thanks for the clarification

Thanks for the clarification.

I found the firmware for autonomous mode online. How can I flash it to the device? This one seems to be in Controller mode since it's not accessible in any port but does take a DHCP IP Address. 

Thanks a lot..

Disclaimer I haven't played

Disclaimer I haven't played with the 700. But Cisco flashing is pretty general across all the models. 


1. Setup tftp on your laptop and give your laptop /24 


2. Rename the code at the .tar with default 


3. Reset the ap hold the mode button for 20 seconds 


console into the ap during the process and watch the tseminal for errors 


let at me find you an officer link 

"Satisfaction does not come from knowing the solution, it comes from knowing why." - Rosalind Franklin

"Satisfaction does not come from knowing the solution, it comes from knowing why." - Rosalind Franklin

Thanks for the reply. Didn't

Thanks for the reply. Didn't have much time to play with it and time passed. I was wondering if CISCO has a Software Controller to install in a Mac OS X computer to manage this Access Point or any other Access Points.


Also, do you suggest Autonomous or Lightweight mode?


Thanks again!


AIR-CAP(etc) - Controler Mode

AIR-CAP(etc) - Controler Mode

AIR-SAP(etc) - Standalone Mode

Just plugin the console and do a "show version" (if u missed the boot load) to do which do you have loaded.

To change between them is pretty standard, just activate a TFTP server on your machine and "download" the file to the AP.

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