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Interface Management

We have maybe the totally off-base equipment, however here is the thing that we have, and what we need to do:

AP1542i wired to organize, going about as extension for two APs:

two WAP731 APs - both going about as AP for portable customers.

Have involvement in AP1530 which had a web interface, however, 1542 is by all accounts totally extraordinary.

The AP1542i was conveyed with the lightweight picture.

Just accessible pictures are: ap1g5-k9w8-tar.153-3.JJ1.tar (lightweight) or AIR-AP1540-K9-ME-8-10-105-0.tar (versatility express)

Have attempted the two pictures, and with ME, both CAPWAP and ME modes, however no administration.

The AP gets an IP address through DHCP. It very well may be pinged, however, nothing else - no ssh, no HTTP and no https.

Have likewise attempted to check whether an SSID (e.g., CiscoAirProvision) shows up, however, the AP is sending no SSID broadcasting live.

The crate runs, yet sits idle and has no web the board interface.

What am I missing? Does this AP not give a web interface?

Numerous references (manuals, guides, network) demonstrate that there is (was?) a web interface and many show CLI directions, which are not permitted in the AP that we have. E.g., "# IP ..." - no picture that I have tried even has an "up" direction in the empowered mode.

Would anyone be able to please hep?

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