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LAP 1142N "Radio disabled due to PoE" after upgrade to 7.6.120

Recently, we upgraded our 5508 wireless controllers from to

One AP (AIR-LAP1142N-E-K9) doesn't work now.

Both radios are stuck in state 'reset':

AP#sh int dot11Radio 0 | inc Dot11Radio0
Dot11Radio0 is reset, line protocol is down

It seems to be a PoE issue:

AP#sh controllers dot11Radio 0
Radio disabled due to PoE


This 1142N is connected to a HP switch (model 3800 with 802.3af/802.3at support). It did work on this switch several months before this upgrade and it works if connected to Cisco switch (Cat 6513).

We didn't upgrade the switch firmware or change its configuration.


The PoE status from the switch CLI:

  PoE    | Power  Power    Alloc Alloc Actual Config   Detection   Power Pre-std
  Port   | Enable Priority By    Power Power  Type     Status      Class Detect
  ------ + ------ -------- ----- ----- ------ -------- ----------- ----- ------

  21     | Yes    low      lldp  33 W  7.8 W           Delivering  3     off


Other APs (80 3602 connected to HP8212zl switches) do work without any problem.


Any idea how to solve this?

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According to the output, the

According to the output, the AP is drawing only 7.8w instead of 15.4w PoE.  Not an HP person but is there more-than-enough power left on the switch to provide 15.4w PoE?


Yes, there is plenty of power

Yes, there is plenty of power available:

1000W available, but only 129W currently drawn


 PS#     Model        State         AC/DC  + V      Wattage   Max   
 ----- --------- --------------- ----------------- --------- ------
 1     J9580A    Powered           AC 120V/240V      129    1000


The output on our other HP switches with 3602s connected is similar:

  I21    | Yes    low      lldp  16 W  7.4 W              Delivering  4     on  



I you have access to the AP

I you have access to the AP could you do a reset via the Mode button on the AP?


After updating to 7.6.120 we

After updating to 7.6.120 we've noticed that some of our AP's wouldn't  come up. After looking in the switch's logs I found this

chassis: Ports  PoE usage has exceeded threshold of 80%.

The power drawn is 117w (show power-over-ethernet). 

When I use the following command: show power-over-ethernet brief I get this:


  PoE   | Power  Power    Alloc Alloc Actual Configured  Detection   Power Pre-std
  Port  | Enable Priority By    Power Power  Type        Status      Class Detect
  ----- + ------ -------- ----- ----- ------ ----------- ----------- ----- ------
  1     | Yes    low      lldp  17 W  7.0 W              Delivering  3     off
  2     | Yes    low      lldp  17 W  7.0 W              Delivering  3     off
  3     | Yes    low      lldp  17 W  6.8 W              Delivering  3     off
  4     | Yes    low      lldp  17 W  7.1 W              Delivering  3     off
  5     | Yes    low      lldp  17 W  7.0 W              Delivering  3     off
  6     | Yes    low      lldp  17 W  6.9 W              Delivering  3     off
  7     | Yes    low      lldp  17 W  6.8 W              Delivering  3     off
  8     | Yes    low      lldp  17 W  6.7 W              Delivering  3     off
  9     | Yes    low      lldp  17 W  6.9 W              Delivering  3     off
  10    | Yes    low      usage 17 W  0.0 W              Disabled    3     off

Port 10 is where the missing AP is on. 

How is it possible that after the update to 7.6.120 the AP won't work anymore?




Anyone a solution? We see the

Anyone a solution? We see the same behavior


LAP 1142N on a HP 2620-24-PoE+ Switch  J9625A,


SW01# show power-over-ethernet 22

 Status and Counters - Port Power Status for port 22

  Power Enable      : Yes
                                        LLDP Detect       : enabled
  Priority          : critical          Configured Type   :
  AllocateBy        : usage             Value             : 17 W
  Detection  Status : Delivering        Power Class       : 3

  Over Current Cnt  : 0                 MPS Absent Cnt    : 0
  Power Denied Cnt  : 0                 Short Cnt         : 0

  Voltage           : 55.4 V            Current           : 131 mA
  Power             : 7.2 W


When i fail back the AP to a controller with it will work. If it's moved to then the PoE warning.. Also Overide doesn't work.


I also saw it on AIR-CAP2602I-E-K9  




Hi, Can you please provide



Can you please provide POE debugs on HP switch.



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