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K D Beginner

Mobile 8.1 / IPhone roaming Issue


I am currently experiencing voice issues on the iphone mobile connect(8.1) app. I have basically re-created the SSID for the PDA  with same settings as VOIP SSID. Its using WPA2 with AES encryption and CCKM/802.1x authentication method.   The same settings works well with Ascom and Cisco 7921/7925 handsets. But the Iphone does not roam well at all. I have slient or a noise between roams.  Has anyone come up with a solution for iphone to work without any issues. I have attached the Advanced settings TAb for PDA SSID.  The restriction here is I have to use dot1x authentication.

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Mobile 8.1 / IPhone roaming Issue

I'd increase the DTIM interval myself, put it more like 3, and see if that helps.  When you raise the DTIM, you are telling the AP not to beacon as often, which while it can save battery life, may make it harder for a client to build it's roam list.



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K D Beginner

Mobile 8.1 / IPhone roaming Issue

Hi Steve, I did try changing the DTIM period , but it does not make such a big difference.

I think users have to live with this as Iphones are not ccx capable.



Mobile 8.1 / IPhone roaming Issue


I am testing the Iphone right now as well. (If fact Steve and I talked about this off line). The iphone doesnt support enhanced romaing. For example Ciscos CCKM, PMK- fast roamback or even PMK cache with 802.11i.

If you look closley the iphone will full auth when using 802.1X. Ive had better success with PSK. But even then the phone likes to hold on to the the ap till the bitter end.

I contriubte this to the driver. Apple has programed the driver for data users. By which, they want them to stay connected even at long distances.

I learned at Cisco Live that Apple will support (may I should say) 802.11r. Also, hooks for 802.11r are already in 7 and shoud be complete in 7.2.

the problem with 7.2 code. It will only be supported on the 5508, 2500 and WISM2.

I hope this helps... Send me your email and I will send you my iphone write up when its complete.

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