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Mobile Concierge Service Setup Guide

Hi All,

     as with my previous is am starting this thread as a help in configuring the Mobile Concierge Service.

As the solution is new the documentation is a little light in detail so this is obviously a good place to document in more detail the setup and configuration.

What is neede for the Mobile Concierge Service:

  • Cisco Wireless LAN Controller:software version 7.2 or later
  • Cisco Prime Infrastructure: software version 1.3 or later
  • Cisco MSE (virtual or physical appliance): Cisco MSE software version 7.4 or later

Documents i have used:

Release Notes for Cisco Prime Infrastructure, Release

Cisco Prime Infrastructure Configuration Guide, Release 1.3

Cisco Location Analytics Service Configuraion Guide, Release

Cisco Context-Aware Service Configuration Guide, Release 7.4

Connected Mobile Experiences Design and Implementation Guide Cisco Mobility Services Engine

As i attempt to get this service setup and configured i will post back here the details.

If anyone has any questions to get the ball rolling then pelase post here:

Mark Julier



Mobile Concierge - Venue Wizard

So the first thing that the Concierge service gets you to create is a venue.  You do this by using the wizard.

Cisco's instructions are here:

Venue Name

So this will be the venue/location what you want this service to run at.  For example if this is a Shopping Centre/Mall, Sports venue then you would give it the name of your Venue. e.g Dolphin Shopping Mall or BlackCats Stadium (made up names :-) ) 

As i am seting up this in our offices for testing i have given it the name of our company.

Floor outdoor/Association

Area Type - Next you choose area type either a floor area or outdoor.  I have chosen floor area as i am looking to use this service internally.

Campus - Select that campus that you created in PI and want this service to work with.

Building - Select the building that you created in PI and you want this service to work with.

Floor - Select the Floor that you created in PI and you want this service to work with.

Coverage area - Select the Coverage area that you created in PI and you want this service to work with.

Selected Map - Once you have selected the coverage area above the map URL should be displayed here.

Click Next takes you to the next section.


Here you can select the audio that you wish touse for notifications and you can add up to three.

The manual does not explain what format these need to be in so PLEASE CAN SOMEONE ANSWER THIS PELASE

Am guessing that this is the audio that is played on the mobile device for a notification but this needs clarification.


Again the manaual does not explain the use of icons, PLEASE CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN THE USE OF ICONS, WHAT FORMAT,SIZE ETC TO USE.

Am guessing that it is the icon that is displayed on the mobile device as part of MSAP (Mobile Services Advertismanet Protocol) but i am just guessing.

Venue APPs

Again the manual does not explain how this is actually implemented.  I expect that this is how you specify through MSAP the APP's that are available at your location.

You enter the name of your app and i guess this is the actual name that appears on the mobile device.

You have the following options:


Windows Phone OS






Windows Mobile

Desktop OS


Am guessing that if you enter a URL in the first field (THAT HAS NO LABLE!!!) and select Web APP, that it will launch this URL in a browser on the mobile device.

Or if you have an APP that is installed on the mobile device you can launch it by specifing the APP name in a special format???

Again though i am just guessing so PLEASE CAN SOMEONE CLARIFY THIS PLEASE

Additonal Information

I think the next information is for Meriden who are Cisco's partner for mobile APP development.

  • Enter the location detail in the Location Detail text box. This provides details such as store address, zip code, or street address of the venue.
  • Enter the GPS latitude and longitude of the venue in the Latitude and Longitude text box. This helps the applications to identify the venue accurately.
  • Enter any other additional information that the venue would like to provide to the mobile application in the Additional Information text box.

Once you click save the information is applied in MSE.

So that is the first step in setting up the Mobile Concierge Service.  What i would also like to know is that when you create a venue you ahve to specify a floor plan.  So does this mean that if you have multiple floors that you have to create multiple venues?  Or does it only work for one floor at the moment?

So over to the experts, can you ANSWER THE MAIN POINTS THAT ARE IN CAPITAL LETTERS ABOVE. I have put them in capital so that they stand out from all of the text.


mark Julier



Hi Mark,

Does it worked for you? I just configured everything by following config guides. I have 3 x Snapdragon S4 enabled devices.

On Prime Infrastructure 1.4 i choose :

Services > Synchronize Services > Controllers. When I press on my WLC I can see this:

The problem is, I can't put a check on "MSAP" square. It is greyed out.

Could anyone assist?


Sirs, were you able to configure this underdocumented service?


Hi Roman,

Here is another discussion:

There is a lot of marketing stuff... but nothing useful to make MSAP/802.11u and CMX work.


In order to configure Mobile Concierge, you should have account.

Start with
Then, when you get account from Meridian and setup your location, you need to integrate MSE with

Please, be aware that your MSE should have Internet access to be able to do that.



There are three ways to use mobile concierge service:

  • Browser engage (mse 7.5)
  • Meridian Apps cloud based service
  • MSAP/802.11u

It works with Meridian and Browser engage. Not with MSAP.

Also, to be honest... As Aruba bought Meridian, I don't think that this service will continue...


Hello guys

EvaldasOu, can you tell me how you could run Concierge with browser engage?

Do I need to configure MSAP just on PI in Mobile Concierge part or need to change configuration on WLC as well?

Is MSAP supported by 3702 APs?






Till 7.6 in order to configure Browser Engage navigate to :
http://<MSE IP Address>:8081/Mario/jsp/admin/login.jsp

You do not need to configure PI, just enable MSE services from PI interface (browser engage, proxy service)


As I tested MSAP doesn't work at all. However 802.11u/MSAP is supported even in AP1130.



this is an old post, did you have any progress configuring Concierge at least with browser engage?

What is the difference between browser engage and MSAP?


Hello guys

EvaldasOu, can you tell me how you could run Concierge with browser engage?

Do I need to configure MSAP just on PI in Mobile Concierge part or need to change configuration on WLC as well?

Is MSAP supported by 3702 APs?



Rising star

Please see the below guide. Hope this will help you


You can configure it, but it does not work! So what's the point here?