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MSE NMSP status inactive after WLC 5508 HA failover

I have a customer who has a Prime Infrastructure 2.0 server and MSE 7.4 server for Context Aware Services.   The MSE also has the AeroScout Tag Engine for Tracking the AeroScout RFID tags it has deployed.    They have a WLC 5508 HA pair running version 7.4 at their main campus, and two other standalone WLC 5508s at 2 other smaller campuses.   The issue they are having is that when a failover of the WLC5508 HA pair occurs at their main campus, they lose tracking of the WiFi and AeroScout clients.   The other WLCs are not affected.

When this happens, the Prime Infrastructure show the NMSP status of the WLC5508 HA pair as inactive.   The PI gives the message that the time of the WLC is before the MSE.  But the PI, MSE, and WLCs are all synched to the same Campus NTP server, and the time shows the same time down to the second.   I can get the WLC communicating to the MSE again by removing the Assignment of the WLC to the MSE, then re-adding it to the MSE a few minutes later. 

We are not sure why the WLC 5508 HA pair occasionally fails over to the standby or back to the primary.  We have not seen any cause for the HA pair failover.   Is there something we need to do to the WLC HA pair so that the NMSP still works if a failover of the WLC occurs.  The customer is planning on converting one of their other Standalone WLCs to a HA Pair also.

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you can try this:

Services > Synchronize Services > Controllers. Check the controller, click on "Change MSE Assignment", then uncheck CAS, click Synchronize. Give it a few minutes and then do it again to turn CAS back on.

Then check again



That is what I have been doing.  But the problem is that the I have had to do this about 3 times in the last 6 weeks.  Each time correlates with a failover of the WLC 5508 pair.   Will this have to be done each time there is a failover, or is there some setting on the WLCs, MSE, or Prime Infrastructure that can prevent  having manually to un-assign, then re-assign the WLC to the MSE.

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