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Multicast on WLC

I have two cameras that are connected to one of the switches, the switch is connected to the core switch, the WLC also is connected to the Core switch.


I have enabled IP PIM Sparse-mode on the VLAN interfaces that the users connects to, and the management interface that the APs registers with.

I have also enabled Multicasting and snooping on the WLC on Controller --> multicast.


I have also enabled ip multicast-routing on the core switch.


But i cant see the cameras streaming over wireless.

Any ideas?


thx in advance

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Re: Multicast on WLC

"But i cant see the cameras streaming over wireless."

what do you mean by this? you see nomulticast packets over the wireless? that would be expected behaviour.

enable multicast is preparing the infrastructure for multicast, not multicast anyway when no-one needs the packets

snooping is intended to limit packets only to ports requesting it


So you need a client to request the stream! then the RP wil distribute the stream 

Re: Multicast on WLC

Thx for the reply,


I have a client device which has a software that the cameras should stream to it, on the wired network, it streams with no problem from the cameras to the software on the laptop, but when the device is connected to wireless, we cant see the stream of the cameras.


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