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OEAP and 1810 with split list

Hi all

I have the following setup and problem:

WLC 5508 with a public NAT'ed address with version 8.2.121

1810 AP's , primed with the WAN of the WLC, which is working very good. 

I have created and own AP group with those OEAP's in and published a WLAN with 802.1x 

Everything is good so far.

Then i want to be able to reach the local network at home, say a local printer or something like that.

Global split tunell is enabled.

OEAP ACL is created with one rule to permit any traffic to all our corporate IP subnet through the tunell.

Then a rule to NAT-ROUTE any traffic to LOCAL network.

I've tried different rulesets here, but they all end up with same result. As soon as i enable split tunell ACL on the WLAN, im unable to authenticate with username/password anymore.

Have anyone tried this kind of setup with the 1810's ? 

It's my first time, so i probably have missed something important :-)

Thanks in advance :-)

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