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Point to Multipoint Wireless Bridging w/ 2702's unstable

Hi All,


I have a root bridge 2702 AP and 5 non-root bridge 2702 AP's.  The root bridge AP is connected to the network physically. The other 5 wireless bridge to the root bridge.  What I am finding is that some of the non-roots are up and associated to the root, and others are not. I've compared configs and they are identical.  Furthermore, if I reboot the root AP, after it comes back up, NONE of the non-roots will connect back to it.  I need to go around the facility and manually reboot each non-root AP, and even then, it's a 50/50 shot if it is going to associate.  Would really appreciate some assistance as I don't want to roll back, but I can't have these folks rebooting the AP's campus wide every time there is an outage.

Configs attached. First dump in file is the root, 2nd dump in file is one of the non-root's. All non-root configs are identical. 


Re: Point to Multipoint Wireless Bridging w/ 2702's unstable

I am hopeful I've solved this. I was not specifying channels. I was letting them auto pick.  Going to statically code them now and see if that makes a difference. 

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Re: Point to Multipoint Wireless Bridging w/ 2702's unstable


Are you certain all Non-Root can see the Root? As they boot, they should scan on all channels for your Root but maybe they can't see it or return communications? On the root side, do you see association requests from all of the non-root APs?

In terms of physical layout, are all these APs close to each other? You mentioned going around the facility to reboot them etc.. normally this mode is use for a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint bridge with line of sight and antennas that point at each other.

Finally, what IOS version are you utilising?

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