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Re: Power injector for AP1562I

@TeoDiz22 wrote:

It's the design of the pre-1560//1570//x800 series Access Point power injectors that's the issue plus how the newer APs accept power now.


Before = CDP + even more restrictive coding with the PoE injector company they partnered with...

With the x800 series and if I recall right the 1560 series you should be able to use a LLDP styled PoE injector (aka use an IEEE standard PoE injector)...


Its been so long but I do recall using a Cisco-Meraki PoE injector on one of those Aironet APs and it actually powered up just fine...

Is there a way to bypass on the AP configuration?

"Check the Power Injector State check box if the attached switch does not support IPM and a power injector is being used"


Re: Power injector for AP1562I

Not really as this is down to the protocol used and understood by the injector itself.

This is why one will get 15.4W off the older cisco injectors as it's the default power requirement should the injector and the device not utilize the same protocol.


Re: Power injector for AP1562I

 What is sad is that this was working on a prior version, and now is broken; and that Cisco is unwilling to fix it.


For anyone looking for a solution, this worked for us, and it's available at a good price!

TRENDnet Gigabit Ultra PoE+ Injector TPE-117GI


Re: Power injector for AP1562I

Finally I have something to contribute here!  :-)


Microsemi's PD-9501GO-ET (datasheet and installation guide attached) is the improved version of the unit Cisco specifies on their datasheet (AIR-PWRINJ-60RGD1).  Here are the part numbers for that injector that works with the 1562 AP:

P/N PD-9501GO-ET/AC      Microsemi PD-9501GO-ET Gigabit Outdoor Ultra PoE Injector, wall installation
P/N PD-OUT/MBK/ET      Optional Pole Mounting Bracket

As far as downsides to this unit, there aren’t many that I can find.  I don’t think the built-in lightning protection is as good as Transtector, but it’s probably a great backup (you can never have too much lightning protection, imho).  Also, there’s no LED, which is kind of a bummer.  I intend to have these installed indoors in the IDF, where they are more readily accessible and will offer a backup lightning protection to the Transtector unit installed near the outdoor penetration point.

So at this point, my standard BOM for a Cisco 1562i deployment becomes:

Qty 2: Cisco 1562i Lightweight APs, p/n AIR-AP1562I-B-K9
               Order with: SWAP1560-LOCAL-K9SW (Cisco AP1560 Unified Local Software)
               Paintable cover also available: AIR-ACC1560-CVR=

Qty 2: AIR-ACC1530-PMK1 (Standard Pole/Wall Mount Kit for AP1560)

Qty 2: Microsemi PD-9501GO-ET Gigabit Outdoor Ultra PoE Injector (will provide UPoE power so that 1562i runs at full performance; not required if closet Cisco switches are 60W UPoE-capable)

Qty 1: Transtector 10/100/1000 92V Outdoor Ethernet Lightning Protection, 1101-971, TESSCO SKU: 338183 (sold in pairs, each 1562 AP requires a single unit)

Cisco WLCs and/or additional WLC license capacity if necessary; Cisco Prime Infrastructure license capacity for new APs if necessary




Re: Power injector for AP1562I

So, I understand that Cisco Catalyst 2960X-48-FPS switches are not powerful enough to power an access Point 1562E?

I am in full design and I am choosing to place 1 Switch and 18 Access Point, but seeing the situation I will place Power Injector




Carlos P


Re: Power injector for AP1562I

There are posts here >

...that you might want to read up on first.


They may help.


If I'm recalling this discussion... it was on using the old PoE injectors on newer Aironet products.

Bottom line, not possible as the in-line power protocols won't match up. (CDP vs LLDP)

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