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Prime Infrastructure 2.1 - User add failed : Some unexpected internal error has occurred.

Setting up Prime Infrastructure to manage 2504 WLC, trying to add Lobby Ambassador and I get this error message:

User add failed : Some unexpected internal error has occurred. If the problem persists please report to the Tech Support.

Technically, this is my second attempt at setting up PI.  I set it up initially with the wrong version of PI and created a lobby ambassador.  I followed the instructions from the forum with a similar problem that said to remove the trap receiver on the WLC from my first attempt at installing PI. 

I'm now able to add a Lobby Ambassador as long as its not the same username that I created on the previous PI setup.  So I suspect this Lobby Ambassador username is somewhere on the 2504 WLC, but I can't find it anywhere to remove it.


I had the same problem. At

I had the same problem. At first I try a link you posted, but this workaround failed.

Second I did:

  1. create user (add to lobby ambasador group)  and select only primary controller
  2. I successfully created user without any error message
  3. do whatever I need to reconfigure under that new created user


You never added the Lobby

You never added the Lobby Ambassador to your second controller? 


no, your idea is not correct.

no, your idea is not correct. As I wrote in my previous post, you can do anything (point No. 3).

I changed user to controller group and it simply works. 

I have fresh news, I had successfully login with lobby ambassador accout, & had create guest user.


I have just been struggling

I have just been struggling with a similar issue on a fresh install of Prime 2.1  Upgraded to 2.1.1.


If I try to create the user with lobby ambassador role it just fails with "unexpected internal error".


I eventually found that by creating the user as a normal admin user first - the user is added.  You can then go in a remove the admin role and change the role to lobby ambassador.  This works with no internal error and the lobby admin user is working fine.

I would say it is just a bug.


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