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Providing ISP wireless access for a town

I'm interesting about deploying an ISP wireless solution. One central Omni antenna whic can scan a radius of 6 km or more. and each remote client gonna have only one antenna for internet access. we cannot provide antenna in central site for each client. tell how many remote sites are supported by the omni antenna.


Re: Providing ISP wireless access for a town

Aironet 350 802.11b technology support a maximum theoretical throughput of 11Mbps, which is shared between the associated clients. The design rule, depending on the type of application, is to have from 8 to 20 clients per Access Point. However you can support more than 1000 associated clients, sharing the available bandwidth.

Be also aware that the real throughput depends on the distance and the environmental situation (types of antenna for the clients, line of sight, ...).


Re: Providing ISP wireless access for a town

The maximum distance between an AP and a client device (PC card or WGB) is supposed to be 1 mile or 1.6km (difficult to exceed), so you need to put bridges at each customer location.

Using 350 series devices set to 1Mbps with no obstructions (and no extra cable betweeen bridge and antenna), you will get reliable performance using 10dBi antennas.

If you want 11Mbps, you will need for the gain of the base antenna and the gain of the customer's antenna to be 15dBi each. Again, no obstructions, no extra cable. A 15dBi antenna will not be omnidirectional. You could add an amp, but not unless you can do the math yourself.

Although an omni at the base seems like the obvious way to start, you may want to consider an array of directional antennas, as that will allow you to exceed the 36dB (4 Watt) max with the right bridge config. That would also allow you to add more base stations without climbing up your tower.

Matthew Wheeler

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