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Redundancy Port speed in wireless controller 8510

I have been trying to find a documentation from Cisco which contains information about the speed of the redundancy port in WLC 8510 but no luck.

I believe the speed of redundancy port is 1G but there is no specific information in data sheets or anywhere in Cisco website.

If you have such documentation or link, please share it with me as it is very important for me. I need to connect the redundancy port with media converter and I have to decide the speed of the media converter based on the speed of RP.

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See this link for doco: http:

See this link for doco:

The service port of the Cisco Wireless Controller 7510 and 8510 models is a one Gigabit Ethernet port. To verify the speed of service port, you must connect the service port to a Gigabit Ethernet port on the switch.


The service port is not auto-sensing. You must use the correct straight-through or crossover Ethernet cable to communicate with the service port.

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Thanks Ric but service port

Thanks Ric but service port is not the same as redundancy port (which called in 8510 as HA port).

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Agh sorry! Completely misread

Agh sorry! Completely misread that... Yes I would assume 1Gb as I have a couple of pairs setup using CAT6 directly to each other but not 100%. Maybe ask Cisco TAC?

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