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resrict access by MAC over WDS

I am between a rock and a hard place here. Managing a holiday resort in Spain I want to offer free wifi to my clients and my clients only. There are also private owners and other guests in the house who are using up my bandwith (very limited due to remote location). A conventional password always spreads fast. So I think the only way to lock unwanted users out is to use MAC access restriction in "allow only" mode. Since my clients stay long term the administrative overhead is acceptable.

But how?
1.) most routers I know allow only some 30-ish MAC allow entries. Thats too little for me. I would need 100, would like 200.
2.) How do I set it up? I have a modem router (at present a TP-Link), a wrt54gl connected by wire to modem as repeater bridge and a second wrt54gl as repeater using the wireless signal of the first linksys as source.

Is there any way to solve my proble without using MAC restriction?
If I do need to use MAC restriction, what router can do what I need?
How do I set up the bridges - or do I need to enter all permitted MACs in all devices?

Or is it really no way to do this without a radius server (trying to get that to work almost drove me crazy).

Any comments or advice very welcome and if anyone ever comes to sunny Tenerife Island, gimme a shout.


PS - please dont recommend hotspot software unless you know that it eleiminates the problem. I have tried many nad even though each user now has unique credentials, none I tried prohibits sharing of these credentials. Some do not permit multiple simultaneaous logins, but on

e after the other, no problem.

I really want to link credentials to hardware.
Spoofing is not an issue, my clients in general are not that far "in the know".


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