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Running AP's in HREAP (FlexConnect) Mode When They Are Local to Controller.

We are thinking about buying two 5508 controllers and thirty 3602 Access Points.  I looked into the benefits of running the AP in HREAP (FlexConnect) for our remote locations.  Why would I not run my AP's in my HQ (local to the controller) in HREAP mode instead of local mode to take advantage of the same benefits?

I'm guessing I will lose some benefits but I'm not sure what.  Can someone help explain this me?

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Cisco Employee

Re: Running AP's in HREAP (FlexConnect) Mode When They Are Local

Yes you can certainly use it if you don't have backup WLC at your HQ. Listing the Cons for locally switched wlan.

Cons are:-

#L3 roaming is not possible with hreap APs using locally switched wlan.

#L2 roaming between two WLC(inter-controller) using locally switched wlan with same mobility works only from

#Data DTLS is unsupported for locally switched wlan.

#Interfacegroup is not supported however we can use AAA override.

#Mediastream feature won't work.

#Bandwidth contracts won't work for local switching.

#WGB can't connect to hreap AP. (it may connect & work with central but doesn't work with local switching)

#All edge switches connecting to AP needs to be trunked to the core.

#Hreap AP doesn't join Multicast group. however it bridges the multicast packet to unicast for centrally switched wlan.

#dhcp proxy by WLC is not possible. so we're exposing the dhcp server ip.

#ACLs needs to be configured & managed per AP for locally switched traffic or configure at your switch.

#cpu & interface acl are NA for locally switched wlan.

#RLDP may not work.

#AP group won't work for locally switched wlan.

#Locally switched WLANs may optionally carry 802.1Q tagging to allow such WLANs to be segmented over the wired network at the Ethernet port of the access point.

#NAC out-of-band integration is supported only on WLANs configured for H REAP central switching. It is not supported for use on WLANs configured for H REAP local switching.

#External Web Authentication is not supported on local switching

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