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signal issue

Hi Everyone,

  I am facing one issue in customer place.. i installed wlc 2500 and 1242 ap

But for few laptop they getting very low signal but remainig systems signals working fine. i am getting log as

RRM-3-RRM_LOGMSG: rrmChanUtils.c:292 RRM LOG: Airewave Director: Could not find valid channel lists for 802.11bg

And wlc i can rogue AP and rogue client which is near by office wireless. does because of othet signal i am geting this issue.

Kindly help me to solve this issue

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signal issue


do you have clients that use fine and those with low signal connecting ot the same access point?
it seems in some areas one of the APs is not broadcasting the SSID (or not joining WLC) and the signal in that area is received from another AP in further area so the signal is weak.
is it the case?

What is your WLC versoin?


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signal issue

Hi Amjad,

WLC version is

signal issue

Thank you.

Can you please answer the other questions as well?

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signal issue

   Hi ajmad,

              Yes i have two access points in both access points have low signal and good signal laptop are connected.

signal issue

If you have 2 APs while clients with low signal have same issue with both of them it would possibly be more a client issue to show a low signal because:

- There are other laptops that work fine and show high signal on same SSID (right?). this means the signal is OK.

- Not all laptops experience the low signal problem, only few of them. (right?)

The reason behind why some laptops show low siganl while others work fine is because they use different WLAN cards. Different WLAN cards differs in their signal sensitivity and noise/interference threshold they can bear. If you have some noise in your RF clients would possibly behave differently depending on their WLAN adapter's vendor. Some may bear a level of noise while others may get disconnected at same level. (this is just an example).

In order to continue with your situation I would suggest a couple of things to be done:

- Made a site survey (you can do a quick one) just to isolate that your RF is good for wireless connectivity. Try to use channels that do not overlap with your neighbors. (I usually use a simple tool called "inSSIDer" to view my APs and neighbor APs and see if we are operating on same channel or different channels. you can google and download it. it is free).

- Make sure that DCA is enabled. This is under Wirelss -> 802.11b/g/n -> RRM -> DCA, from WLC GUI. Make sure that Channel assignment method is set to "automatic" and the DCA channel list have channels 1, 6 and 11 listed.

- Upgrade to This is a more stable version than the one you are using.



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signal issue

Hi Ajmed,

   As you said laptop are getting good signal they are having intel wireless card. Other then intel card laptop having bad signal. But customer using one more link zyel modem come wirless, all the laptop having good signal.

   Customer asking me to revert back all the implementation. I installed inSSIDer and checked and changed channel to 8 still i have the same issue.

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