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SNMP traps from Cisco 4404

I have a Cisco 4404 WLC that sends its system logs to a syslog server (kiwicat), but I'm interested in getting the snmp traps sent over there as well.  I've configured the syslog server to accept the snmp on the right ports and I've confirmed that the syslog server can receive then by sending traps manually from other devices.

I cannot seem to actually get the WLC to send the traps to the server.  the syslog stuff gets through ok, but not the snmp.  I've added the syslog server as an SNMP trap reciever and configured it as much as it needs to be and the only difference it seems to have made is to add more things to the main trap log on the 'monitor' tab on the WLC.  Am i missing something really basic?

p.s. the WLC and the syslog server are separated by a firewall, but the syslog rules have been altered to also allow the snmp, should it attempt to go through.

Any help would be gratefully received.

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