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Transparent vlan and management of remote switch


I'm a bit confused regarding the native Vlan of 1262 bridge ...

My design is LAN---RAP ---- MAP---remote-SWITCH with two Vlan : one for the data and one for the management.

I keep the vlan 1 for management at this point, but I'm still unable to access the remote switch.

On LAN side, the switch port is on trunk mode (native vlan 1 and vlan 2 allowed)

On RAP the Gigabit Ethernet is on normal mode

On MAP the Gigabit Ethernet is on normal mode

On remote-SWitch, the switch port is on trunk mode (native vlan 1 and vlan 2 allowed)

Transparent vlan is disabled on WLC and Ethernet Bridging is checked for both AP.

It seems that it's not possible to bridge the Vlan1 as it used for the backhaul so does it means

that for management purpose I must use a specific Vlan-id ? And if my understanding is correct, to define this vlan-id

as native on MAP with the Ethernet Port set as Trunk and on others switchs ( LAN side and remote-Switch).

thks for your reply

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If you have Ethernet bridging enabled and have defined the vlan for the bridging, then the rap has to be connected to a trunk port and the traffic from the device that is connected to the MAP will egress out of the RAP's Ethernet port onto the trunk port. If you don't define and vlan for bridging then the traffic will be placed on the vlan the RAP is assigned to.

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Thks Scott,

I was working with that doc and If my understanding is correct so it's not possible to have the same management Vlan (ie address plan) on both side.

Even if I use Vlan 2 for example, the RAP-MAP management adresses will be on the IP range of Vlan 2, and if i configure a switch on remote side (MAP) with IP address in vlan2, it won't be possible to telnet/ssh.

Workaround : use a third Vlan/IP range and trunk it on MAP side ? (I will try now)

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