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UC520 and Aironet 1310 Bridge

I have a UC520, two ESW-500 switches and 26 SPA502G phones. Half of the phones are in one building and the other half are in an adjascent building that is connected with a Aironet 1310 Bridge.


The bridge is set on the side with the UC520 and one ESW Switch to ROOT, while the recieiving side is set to NON-ROOT.


My phones work fine on both switches when the switches are hard wired together, but as soon as they are connected through the bridge I lose phone connection. I should say that I have network connectivty through the switch on the NON-ROOT side, and can ping the UC520 and the ESW, but the phone cannot connect.


I am assuming it has something to do with the VLANs. The network is operating over VLAN 1 and the Voice System is over VLAN 100. However, when I set up VLANS on the bridge, they cease communicating.


Any ideas?

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Re: UC520 and Aironet 1310 Bridge

Good Afternoon Jonah,

In order to have a voice vlan over the 1300 wireless bridge you need to configure vlans on both bridges and advertise the vlan on the ssid.

You will have to remove the ssid that you have created under the ssid manager.  You can then go in and create the vlan 1 and vlan 100 on your root bridge.

Once you have that you will create an ssid called networkv1 and select vlan 1.  Also check the box to bind it to your 802.11 radio.  Do the exact same thing and create another ssid for the vlan 100.

Once you have done this on both sides of the bridge it will send that vlan ID across your wireless link.

Also, are you doing layer 2 over the bridge with a single vtp domain etc?  If you are, you will want to make sure you go on the swtich that is connected to the root bridge and on the trucked port make sure you are pruning vlans.  You want to make sure you only are allowing vlan 1 and 100 to pass to the trucked port.

I hope this helps.

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