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Virtual Wireless LAN controller Authentication problems

Hi guys,

I'm Hoping someone can help with a big on-going issue we've been experiencing now for the past few months....

Issue: We use a vWLC ( AIR-CTVM-K9 ) which has been working for years just fine. We have about 20 AP's operating in FlexConnect mode. About 4 months ago we upgrade the iOS and two weeks after operating fine all users were unable to connect to the wireless using ([WPA + WPA2][Auth(802.1X + CCKM)]) certificate based off a Server 2012 R2 server.

We obviously thought it was the iOS so we updated to a newer iOS and the issue persisted. Ultimately we decided to go back to the original iOS ( So unfortunately we're at square one again, as today all users were unable to connect to wireless when they came into the office. (Strangely if you're already connected its fine however people that took their laptop home are unable to re-connect). We are able to resolve it by rebooting the vWLC but I'm certain by this time next week (it usually works for 1 - 2 weeks) it will stop working again...

If anyone can provide some insight it would be greatly appreciated!

I've attached the most recent Syslogs. From what I have seen over the multiple times its occurred the common error is:

AVASYDWLC02: *Dot1x_NW_MsgTask_2: Aug 26 22:29:48.508: #DOT1X-3-ABORT_AUTH: 1x_bauth_sm.c:447 Authentication Aborted for client 98:5f:d3:5c:31:fa
AVASYDWLC02: *Dot1x_NW_MsgTask_2: Aug 26 22:29:48.525: #DOT1X-3-AAA_AUTH_SEND_FAIL: 1x_aaa.c:606 Unable to send AAA message for client 98:5f:d3:5c:31:fa

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Re: Virtual Wireless LAN controller Authentication problems

Just run the controller in VirtualBox, but simply importing the downloaded .OVA file didn't work straight away. After the import was done, I ended up with a virtual machine configuration, where a bootable image was missing. So I had to untar the .OVA file by myself: $ tar xvf AIR-CTVM-K9-8-0-110-0.ova AS_CTVM_8_0_110_0.ovf AS_CTVM_8_0_110_0.vmdk AS_CTVM_8_0_110_0.iso

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