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Community Live- Understanding How Multicast Works with Cisco

Vlan Select ?

Is it possible to assign a single ssid to multiple interface groups by assigning the ssid to multiple AP groups? 

I have buildings geographically dispersed that are configured with multiple vlans in interface groups so that I can maintain an addressing scheme of dhcp assigned addresses per building.  Each building is also further grouped as AP groups.  I'd like to know if by assigning the same wlan ssid to each of the

AP groups, will I maintain addressing integrity for each building?  I'm thinking it will work.

Do the buildings have to be outside AP range of each other to avoid problems?

What gotchas should I be aware of?

5508 controller  code

6 buildings

6 interface groups

1 ssid

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Re: Vlan Select ?

You can do this if your ap's are in local mode.or if they are in FlexConnect with the code you are running.  As far as I know, Layer 3 roaming is not supported on FlexConnect when using local switching.  So if there is a chance that a device from one building can roam to another that is configured for a different subnet, that will break.

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Vlan Select ?


Yes you can do that. and Scott is right abotu L3 roaming. If you use local FlexConnect/Local switching then L3 roaming does not work. So you better manage your RF coverage accordingly.



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Vlan Select ?

Thanks for confirming my belief.  I expected the L3 limitation with the expectation that an end device would not be able to

perform a seamless roam, but rather would re-associate to the same ssid and receive new addressing via dhcp.

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Vlan Select ?

You must also be careful, because some devices may not know to request another ip address and this might cause you more issue.  Something you will need to test.

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