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Community Live- Understanding How Multicast Works with Cisco

Wireless Control System (WCS) Reporting - need some ideas

Greetings - hope I can explain this in way that makes sense -

I have a 802.11a, 7925 Cisco Phones, 1241 APs - Roaming (so obviously I am dealing with Voice here...)

I am pulling Coverage Hole Reports, TSM, and Client sessions for an 8 hour period of time.

I am trying to come up with a way to 'consolidate' the data in a relevant fashion, so I can explain 'the state of the wireless environment' to some folks in our business area, sort of a "health report" of the wireless network during a given period of time (i.e. an 8-hour period).  By using the above reports, I want to create an overview that will be easily referenced by those who are not wireless geeks like us

For example - how can I take the QOS, and relate that to RSSI using the above reports?

or - Coverage Hole reporting to QOS and RSSI?

Time for our creative thinking

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