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Wireless Design in 3 tier model


I'm having a hard time understanding where exactly will wireless fit in the 3 tier model ?

As per the design, we have core , distribution and access layers.

Let's say we have 10 buildings, each building will have its access/distribution switches and an uplink to the core, 

vlans propagation islimited to distribution layer only, core layer wouldn't have any vlans (used for fast packet switching).

How does wireless integrate with this model ?

Where will the WLC be placed ? 

where do we configure the VLAN info ?

How SSIDs will be mapped with VLANs  and how roaming will happen between building ? 

so many questions , hope i was clear .. 

Thanks in advance


Any Reply ??

Any Reply ??

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The question can't be

The question can't be answered easily.  Budget and bandwidth immediately stands out.  

In my case, all my controllers are in DC (except one site).  The reason behind it is because each site (>100) are all connected using dark fibre with 1- or 10 Gbps uplink to the distro.  

The only site with a local controller is because they're on an unreliable DSL link (and 4 hours drive away).  

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Most common approach is have

Most common approach is have a distribution block for wireless. Like Leo said it could be in your DC and dedicate distribution switche pair for wireless user vlans. WLC will attach to those distribution switches in that block.

You should not allocate dedicated IP ranges for each buildings (if you really want it, you can allocate). But that will not guaranteed each building users get IP from that range. specially buildings are nearby where users can roam one to another. In wireless, client IP determine at the first time they connect to your wireless network (let's say building 1). Then even user roam to building 2, client will keep the IP got from building 1 (even building 1 & building 2 are L3 separated)



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Re: Most common approach is have

Thanks so much Rasika and appologize for the late reply.


So, I will just treat the wireless infrastructure as if it is another building with its distributions and wireless VLANs will be unified accross the corporate (not specific to each building). 


am i missing something ?

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