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Wireless QoS Between Branch and Main Site - Limit Guest Bandwidth


I've been working a lab to try and understand QoS as a whole.  At this point, wireless is the last gap to fill.  I want to apply a shaping policy between the branch office and the main office so as to apply percentages to various classes of traffic.  In doing this, I want the policy to be generic so that it can be applied at any site no matter what the bandwidth is between the sites.  For this to work properly, traffic has to be marked at the source or before crossing the WAN with a policy map.  It's important to note that the WAP is located at the branch office and the controller is located at the main office.  My question to this point, is how do I mark wireless traffic from any SSID?  Is there a way to do this without relying on WMM or AVC?  For instance, it would be great if the network traffic for any device that connects to SSID "guest" could be marked with a specific DSCP value.  I'd like to mark all guest traffic with CS1.  This is fairly easy to do on the main site by using an ACL to match any traffic going to the wireless guest subnet.  Marking this traffic as CS1 will allow me to limit guest client downloads.  Now, what about the upload traffic from the branch office?  See attached diagram.

Thanks all.

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Here is some info:

Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Configuration Guide, Release 7.4
(same info will apply/be-found for other versions)

Step 6  

Define the data rates on a per-SSID

The wireless rate limits can be defined on both upstream and downstream traffic. Rate limits can be defined per SSID and/or specified as a maximum rate limit for all clients. These rate limits can be individually configured



I thank you for your response.  I had seen that option.  There is one main issue that I see based on the configuration of my lab.

Various sites that have different WAN connections but utilize the same SSID.

For example, one site has a 10Mbps WAN connection to the main office where another site has a 200Mbps connection to the main office.  If both sites utilize the same "guest" SSID and I set the limit for guest at 2Mbps (which might be appropriate for the 10Mbps site), the chances are that those guests at the 200Mbps site would complain (assuming there are more guests at that site).



Found the answer bellow on the topic:

I presume you have one AP group per site? If so you could create one WLAN per site (using WLAN IDs 17+ they can all have the same SSID) you can use rate limiting on the QoS tab of the WLAN to control wireless client traffic. In this case you would set the per-SSID for WLAN profile name SSID-Site1 to the bandwidth of site1.




Right now my lab does not utilize anything other than the default group.  I'm not familiar.  I did some reading on it though.  So what you're saying is that I could use an AP group with a different profile name but the underlying interface/subnet and SSID can stay exactly the same?  Then just assign the AP to the Group?  Then I could configure the profile with separate QoS settings?