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WLC 4400 running

Is anyone running for the Wireless LAN Controller? I'm interested in problems that people have ran into. One thing I noted was that WLAN override is not an option in this version. Other than that the CAPWAP protocol seems to have fixed a problem I was having when using VLAN support with H-REAP. Not sure if it is the new CAPWAP or just better startup logic in the script.


Re: WLC 4400 running

Let me see...

RRM DCA and power seem much more aggressive than in previous versions. I think DCA is broken, but I have Cisco looking in to it. Power is also being aggressively lowered.

If you use WCS, there is a bug with AP Groups, where the WLAN interfaces included in the group will always default to the management interface. With WLAN override deprecated, AP Groups is the way to go, just doesn't work via WCS.

I had several Ap1252 report a load threshold issue, and I find the b/g radio reporting 98% TX util with no client connected, and no clients able to connect. Only solution is reboot.

Bizarre little issues such as AP's reporting that their own radios are masquerading as same radio. Also, Cisco AP on controller will be contained as a rogue, and released a couple of seconds later.

I hear that 5.2 was a complete re-write of the radio code, and I'm starting to believe it!

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