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WLC 5508 H-REAP config problem


I have a problem with H-REAP configuration.

I have a 5508 controller in HQ and a lot of 1242 lap in remote sites.

I have only one SSID (used only in remote sites) and only default vlan 1 in all sites.(a big subnet for every site).

I created only one WLAN on WLC, map it to the management interface (cause there is no need for a dynamic interface cause i will not use SSID locally, i want clients to receive an ip address from the subnet they are trying to connect to), I enabled "H-REAP switching local" from Advanced tab and also from Wireless Tab -> AP->Details-> enable vlan mapping with native vlan 1.

The problem is the AP are registered with the controller, i have L3 connectivity btw controller and AP and also clients cant see any SSID when trying to connect to AP.

The DHCP server is in HQ.

The port where APs are plugged in are trunk.

Am I missing smth?

Any help will be really appreciated.

Best regards,


Re: WLC 5508 H-REAP config problem

So the AP's are registered to the WLC, and you have the VLAN mapping configured.  The only reason I can think of that the AP would not be servicing the SSID would be:

1.) WLAN is disabled

2.) It's configured as a WLAN ID over 16

     if the WLAN ID is over 16, you need to create an AP group, as the "default group" only uses ID 1-16

     if neither of the above is tru, can you attach the show run-config of the WLC?

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Re: WLC 5508 H-REAP config problem

In HREAP mode everything should be switched locally at the remote site. I assume you have L2 connectivity between your sites and that the DHCP server you are attempting to reach is in the same subnet as the WLAN at the remote site.  If this is not the case I would verify that you have the proper DHCP Helper configuration at your layer 3 boundary. I would also verify that a wired client can plug in to the same VLAN at your remote site and gets an IP address from the DHCP scope you are expecting.


Re: WLC 5508 H-REAP config problem

The problem that we ran into was having the WLAN ID above 8 apparently the 1131, 1242, 1252 cant use WLAN IDs above 8 when utilizing HREAP.  Try pulling the WLAN ID down to 8 or below and see if that fixes things.

  • Local Switching:

    A WLAN on H-REAP is said to operate in local switching mode if the data traffic of that WLAN terminates locally at the wired interface of the LAP itself, without getting tunneled to the WLC.

    Note: Only WLANs 1 through 8 can be configured for H-REAP Local Switching because only these WLANs can be applied to the 1130, 1240 and 1250 Series APs that support H-REAP functionality.


    Re: WLC 5508 H-REAP config problem

    That document is based on the 4.0 train of code.  We have supported 16 WLAN/BSSID on all of our AP since around 4.2 code.  As this is a 5500 you have to be running 6.0 or 7.0, so the AP does support 16 WLAN/BSSID.

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