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WLC, Bonjour, Airprint in diffrent SSID


I have two wlc 5508 version one foreign and one anchor.

the APs are connectet to the foreign wlc.foreign wlc has a tunnel to anchor wlc. On Anchor, I creat the SSIDs and there are breakout to internet.

I use an apple iPad and HP MFP 276 AirPrint printers.

My SSIDs are "Branch 1" and "Branch 2"

every branch has one AP 2602 one HP AirPrint printer and one iPad connectet.

so far, everything works fine, bonjour for airprint works.

But my problem is if I will print something from iPad "Branch 1" I can see both printer, from Branch 1 and 2.

How can I block that Bonjour Broadcast all available printers in both SSIDs ?

my goal is that iPad "Branch 1" should only see printer "Branch 1" and  iPad "Branch 2" should only see printer "Branch 2"

and not all Printers they are connectet to my wlc.

Have anyone an idea what I can configure on my wlcs to change this ?

thank you guys


Re: WLC, Bonjour, Airprint in diffrent SSID

Perhaps an access list?

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WLC, Bonjour, Airprint in diffrent SSID

I'm not sure if an ACL is my solution.

I think I have a layer 2 problem.

I create for every branch a seperate mDNS Profile and activate this profile on interface, interface gr. and  wlan ssid.

if I would print something from my iPad and I select the printer I have both printers to chose, branch 1 and branch 2,

but if I'm in branch 1 and I chose branch 2 printer, I receive the error "printer offline". for sure.

How can I prevent the visibility from printer branch 2 in branch 1 ??
I would only see printer 1 at branch 1 on my iPad printing selection.

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