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WLC log needs to show AP name instead of MAC

I am looking for a way to show the AP name in my WLC logs (5508). I am now seeing MAC addresses in the logs and it would be easier to immediately see the AP names. I found a command in the AP that should be able to fix this: "logging origin-id hostname". However, since the APs are CAPWAP and connecting to the controller, once the APs are reloaded they lose this config. So I am looking at a solution for configuring this in the WLC...

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Re: WLC log needs to show AP name instead of MAC

I do not think you can configure this through WLC as it is not IOS based product. Here are the settings related to AP syslog, that you can change via WLC (syslog host, facility & level)

(WLC) >config ap logging ?

syslog         Set Ap logging syslog level.

(WLC) >config ap logging syslog ?

level          Syslog level.

facility       Facility level.

(WLC) >config ap syslog ?

host           Configures the system logging host for Cisco AP

(WLC) >config ap syslog host ?

global         Configures the global system logging host for all Cisco AP

specific       Configures the system logging host for a specific Cisco AP.



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WLC log needs to show AP name instead of MAC

Not possible.

If you want you can contact your Cisco Wireless SE/AM and get them to raise a Product Enhancement Request (PER).

In the meantime, if you go to your WLC's page, on the top level, there is a "FEEDBACK" section.  I recommend you fill that up.

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WLC log needs to show AP name instead of MAC

Similar few issues were addressed on later releases.

CSCud62308  AP name and ip address needs to be added to trap messages

CSCua30068  Debug Client: Include AP Name during Assoc/Reassoc

you've a valid request, however can't show the AP name when it is not joined to the wlc. Do you've any specific msg/syslog example that you need AP name.

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