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WLC OID (snmp) for authenticated clients

I know the OID for associated users

But is there one for Authenticated clients? I am looking for the numbers similar to the one I can get from the report tools in WCS.

I think the number of authenticated clients is a better number than using the associated client count when talking about guest WLAN's.

Best regards,

Steffen Lindemann


Re: WLC OID (snmp) for authenticated clients


Is there not anyone that have an answer to this?

Best regards,



Re: WLC OID (snmp) for authenticated clients


yes there is. I have created a table with solarwinds for this but they represent or provide information in diffrent way.

The table consist of

>WLAN Profile

This object specifies the WLAN Profile name

this 802.11 wireless client is connected to.

>Client Status

The object that represents the current status of the client.


User Name , if any , of the Mobile Station. This would

be non empty in case of Web Authentication and IPSec.

>Client Protocol

The 802.11 protocol type of the client.

'dot11a' - The client is using 802.11a standard

to connect to the access point (AP)


Ip address

Well the Clinet status would be represted in num value:

Client status:

4 = associated

6 = Probing

8 = Disconnected


1 = 802.11a

2 = 802.11b

3 = 802.11g

Hope this helps


Re: WLC OID (snmp) for authenticated clients

I'm looking for the same OID. Not the associated but the number of authenticated clients. Can't find what I'm looking for in the CISCO-LWAPP-DOT11-CLIENT-MIB or AIRESPACE-WIRELESS-MIB.

Help is very welcome


Re: WLC OID (snmp) for authenticated clients

I have come to the conclusion that the WLC have no knowledge about this and that kind of make sense to me now.

The WLC actually have authenticated the user, even it is a guest user, because the client have passed the authentication on that wlan (open and no security).

The layer 3 authentication is done by an external radius and therefore the stats should/could be taken from there.

We have a Cisco NAC guest server, which will eventually give us these stats.

I could be wrong, but this is my findings.

Best regards,

Steffen Lindemann


Re: WLC OID (snmp) for authenticated clients


We use WISM controller blades. Via the webinterface I can go to "Monitor -> Clients". This displays a clients table with the following headings :

Client, MAC Addr, AP Name, WLAN Profile, Protocol, Status, Auth, Port, WGB

The column labled "Auth" contains a Yes or No. That's what I'm looking to retrieve via SNMP. Authenticated Yes or No


Re: WLC OID (snmp) for authenticated clients

Yes you are right.

My wording should have been along the line that the WLC does not map this value to OID that can be read via SNMP.

That is at least what I suspect.


Re: WLC OID (snmp) for authenticated clients

Found it :

The AIRESPACE-WIRELESS-MIB holds a client table as well.

snMobileStationSecurityPolicyStatus, OID : yields an INTEGER: 0 or 1. 0 Means Authenticated

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