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WLC restore backup Prime concern



I have 2 8510 WLC boxes, diff regions, one of them is working fine, 


the other one, we had a RMA, but we dont the backup from the controller itself, in other words, we never used the option down below



So we have Cisco Prime 3.0 and we have the old back up from there as the image shows:





Now, If I click on where it says: Configuration: Details,  I got the following window: 3.PNG


As you can see, there appear 2 tabs, 


Processed Configuration and Raw Configuration, on the left side there is kind of the settings like you are in the WLC GUI, and on the right side there is the configuration.


In addition, I have the show running-config from Putty (but not the FTP option via GUI)


but you see what Im asking ? I dont want to go line by line or tab by tab to restore the back up, i just want to know if either way will work via the new WLC GUI


I posted because each file is different: for example one file has at the beginning config on the 1,000 lines of code


but the running config from putty and the prime file dont


I have 2 questions: 


1- If I transfer via TFP via GUI in the WLC the running-config from PUTTY, will that work?


2- If I transfer via GUI from WLC the file 20190525_030400.config downloaded from the export button from Cisco Prime, will that work as a back up file via the FTP option?




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Re: WLC restore backup Prime concern

"but you see what Im asking ? I dont want to go line by line or tab by tab to restore the back up, i just want to know if either way will work via the new WLC GUI"

Even though it is bit tedious task, in this way you get to know what CLI commands it accepts & what's not. So I prefer this way specially if you have different software versions between old & new WLC.


1. As long as you are having your new 8510 with the same software version of the old unit, restore backup config should work. However, you need to have initial configuration of new WLC (using CLI wizard) prior to restore

Refer below post for some guidance


2. I haven't done that myself, it should work as well.




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Re: WLC restore backup Prime concern

Thank you Rasika,

Yeah, believe it or not, I was thinking abt you XD.

So yes, Im planning to have the same code, because since its out of the box, it has an older code, so today, I will upgrade it first,

I agree, in that way, we get to know a bit more the insides of the WLC,

ok I will give it a try since the 2 types of files I have one from putty with the command show run config, one from prime .conf

I will try and test, I hope the new WLC wont crash, i think I will get an error message, but whenever the result happens, I will share with you asap,

Thank you so much for your assistance, as always, your great

Re: WLC restore backup Prime concern

HI Rasika,

I tried yesterday since I got approval from upper managers, however, the change did not work, as none of the files worked via ftp, so that means that I will have to go line by line and comparing the settings

2 things came to my mind,

1- either the cisco prime is misconfigured or it simply does not work the way we expected, I will submit a tac case to prime people to enroll well the WLC cause it does not make sense there is an initial configuration but it does not work

2- I have like 150 APs registered on the backup WLC, so while Im putting the commands line by line on the WLC, at some point during that, will all the APs will try to register automatically?

Imagine that they registered but Im still missing some configs, so I want to avoid another downtime in wifi,

or the APs will remain and keep registered while Im submitting the config commands on the new Box?

how can I ensure that once I think its ready, I can test just with one AP? or as soon the 150 APs see online the new box, they will be like crazy going and wanting to register to the new box?

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Re: WLC restore backup Prime concern

Configure the still working WLC as Master Controller, that should stop the other APs from joining the new WLC (unless they get rebooted, then it could happen).
I suggest to only attach the management port, do the whole configuration and only then attach it to the LAN.
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