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Active X Control CONFLICTS!!!!!!!!

Kim Armstead

OK.  We are running multiple versions of VSM.  We are in transition and this will continue for the foreseeable future. are we to EFFECTIVELY manage the multiple Active X controls belonging to the various versions of VSM that we are currently running?  

I can't believe that Cisco wouldn't have foreseen this possibility and created some way for multiple Active X controls to work properly.  After all, they have agreed to support us through this change.  I don't feel like dealing with the sheer effort of opening a TAC and then having to explain to several "technicians" exactly what problem I'm trying to solve.  Too often I've ended up with a sloppy patch or a non-solution via this route.  DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT SUGGESTING THAT I UPGRADE RIGHT ABOUT NOW!!!!!

PLEASE!!! SOMEONE OUT THERE...tell me how you are EFFECTIVELY handling Active X Control conflicts.  The very idea of deleting the offending Active X control and loading the needed Active X control (depending on which version of VSM I need to view a camera in) AND continuing to have to do this over and over and over makes me feel nauseous.



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Philip D'Ath

I know nothing about this product; but I use VMware Workstation when handling problems like this.  I know it seems heavy handed, but you get very predictable results when you have nothing deployed in the VM except the one app you want to use.

Scott Olsen
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

I absolutely completely agree with all your sentiments above, Kim.  It's a completely untenable position; as is the expectation that SASD and the Web Clients aren't designed to be backwards compatible with previous versions of VSM server.  Having to navigate this (completely unreasonable) situation for clients has nearly cost relationships in the past.

What versions are you attempting to have co-exist during your transition period?  I'll see if there's any advice I can offer :-S

All the best!

Scott Olsen Solutions Specialist Bulletproof Solutions Inc. Web:

Thank you Scott for responding.

Right now, we are juggling 7.0.1 and 7.5.1.  Eventually however we are headed to 7.8 and I'm thinking we will still have some of the 7.5.1 left (for a little while) when 7.8 is initially deployed.

Any assistance you could offer would be greatly appreciated.



Ouch.  I think we managed to arrange a partially working configuration that allowed a workstation to access a VSM 6.X environment as well as a VSM 7.X environment for a grace period after migration.

I have an idea, but it's a stretch.  Do you use/require the 64bit web client, or only the 32bit?  The rationale here being that they are, in fact, separate Active-X controls.  You *might* be able to have differing versions of the client installed if one was 32bit, and the other 64bit.  You could access one of the versions using the 32bit client (limited to 4 video panes), and access the other VSM version using strictly the 64bit pane.

Of course, this is providing your OS/Workstation and browser version / configuration would allow such a kludge. :-S

Scott Olsen Solutions Specialist Bulletproof Solutions Inc. Web:
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