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Adding 6000 series cameras to the system

Kim Armstead

We are running VSM 7.0.1.  Recently, when replacing defective cameras in the system with 6000 series cameras,  it seems to take several hours to overnight to be able to actually SEE the new camera on the network.  What can be done to make the camera available to the network immediately??  Prior to install, the cameras are usually configured with ip, name and maybe time. 

I also cannot log directly in to the camera itself.  It's as if the camera isn't on the network at all.

 It seems like this is a recent development.  What could have changed??

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Scott Olsen
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

I haven't the slightest. So you are staging the camera with some of the configuration before bringing it online in VSM?  How are you adding it to VSM?  Via the 'Replace Camera' functionality?  What is the status of the VSOM 'Job' that gets kicked off to perform this?  Does it finish in a timely fashion, or does it "take several hours to overnight'?

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