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Adding 8030s no autodiscovery? Also they grab new DHCP IPs after FW updates?

Ok so I have a brand new VSM7.12 sytem and a bunch of 8030s. Wanted to use the auto discover since now VSM supports other VLANs. Has anyone done this yet? It seems that since there is no default PW it doesn't work! I also noticed that if you do not have their DHCP IP reserved they tend to grab new IP addresses after a FW update? Anyone else seeing this craziness?

Cisco Employee



Have you downloaded the utility Cisco IP Camera Setup Software that is new for 8k camera series?




Hi Steve. 

Yes I have used the IP Camera setup software. Are you saying I should be using that for initial installation of the cameras and then add them to VSOM afterwards? In other words, I should use this to change all the camera PWs? I did 47 yesterday and logging in to 47 separate webguis made me sad. Especially since you had to re-log in to each one before VSOM could correctly authenticate. Gave a "failed to stream with new config error" in VSOM even after changing PW on camera gui. 


And are you also saying to use it for FW Upgrades instead of the media servers? If so then I am sad to say that it takes much longer than the server. Still if it is more stable (no new IP after reboot) then I will use it but I need confirmation that the camera will keep its IP address.


Having fun. On the upside the 8030 imager is much better than the 6030s. 


I would use this to configure the camera on initial setup but once added to VSOM you will have normal admin of the camera. Oh and what release are you running of VSOM? Make sure your on a release that supports the 8ks.

It is VSM7.12. And I wouldn't say you have "normal admin" on these. No autofocus and the default username is root, not admin. They are a totally different animal than the 6030 and 7530s but that is expected. The primary concern is they are flaky with DHCP. You have to use DHCP reservations or static IPs. 


Lastly using the Cisco IP Camera SW when accessing remotely is not ideal. It is way better for me to remote in to the VSOM which has a local media server and do the discovery from there. Not on my PC. I hope they fix this in VSM12.1

Cisco Employee


Probably you have older firmware on these cameras (from some older magazine stock...)

Please take a look on fw ver. 1.0.3

This release includes the following updates:

  • The IP cameras now support Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP). CDP is useful for the initial provisioning of IP cameras on a network.

This is related to 'autodiscovery' feature.

My suggestion would be to use "IP camera software" mentioned by Steve, not only initialize but also upgrade fw on all cameras, then try to discover them in VSOM.


Hope it helps.



OK. So in other words. Do not use VSOM for auto discovery or FW upgrades on 8030s. Not cool. 


I was at FW 1.0.3 on 28 cameras and using VSOM 1/2 of them jumped to a new IP address when upgrading FW. 


So now I get to require DHCP reservations or Static IPs for all installs. Also I attached screenshots of a VSM7.12 system where the switch information is not shown and also we cannot autofocus from VSOM with this camera. I miss those features.