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AX Client Install Failure


When trying to install the client on a Windows 7 box the BWMsrcfltr.dll fails to register and as a result I cannot view any video feeds.

On other Windows 7 machines (fresh install of OS) I do not have this problem, but this particular machine has been upgraded from XP to Vista to 7 (security workstation). I don't want to have to reinstall the OS due to all the other software.

Does anyone have any ideas why this DLL doesn't register? I have upgraded my VSOM to 4.2.1 and even the updated client had the same failure.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled and always this same dll.

The new client at least now says Client Error: Insufficient Client Resources , which I assume just means it couldn't find the required DLL for the browser plugin.

I would like to resolve this as we now have more than one machine with this symptom and doing a fresh OS install everytime just insnt feasable.



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Scott Olsen
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

This would be because Windows 7 is not supported in the current 6.2.1 VSM release.

Also, can you clarify that you somehow managed to get a fully working client on Windows 7 by doing an in-place upgrade to Windows 7 from Windows XP where a fully functioning VSOM/AX client was already installed?  Or are you saying that you have a fully working Windows 7 client from a fresh install? And these are able to view streams from 2500 series cams with VMR enabled?  32 or 64 bit OS?

If this is true, and not just anecdotal, I might want to blow away a lab machine and document how this could be possible.  I'd love to come up with an install workaround for Windows 7 as I, myself, could then avoid all this dual booting.


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I just did an experiment with the Win7 box. I have been using it as a VM client so I hadn't logged into VSOM since the upgrade to 4.2.1. I did that just now and it installed the latest client ( It also had the registration error with BWMSrcFltr.dll BUT the vsom page did stream video as exepcted. Very wierd and I am now led to believe that the problem I was having with the upgrade Win7 machine might not be that dll at all.

The plugin now states "Insufficient Client Resources" whatever that means.

I was able to manually register the dll via regsvr32 under a command prompt run as administrator but that still didn't get me any video.

So to recap:

Upgraded Win7 machine, no vid in VSOM (yet view only video works in VSOM and VM client works)

Clean Win7 machine, video in VSOM.

I only have 2500 series cameras and am running 32bit OS.

Remind me what VMR is?

Now that I know what VMR is , I disabled it in the settings and whalla, it works.

Now I have to thank you!

I still have frequent browser crashes but I have tested this under IE8 and Ie9 and it works (but crashes more frequently, but it's only a beta so thats ok)

You can't get IE6 on Win7 so I can't test that. Even on our XP machines we're not running IE6 anymore.

Carlos Hernandez

I have the same problem.  Was the VMR question answered and later deleted?  What is VMR.??  How can I get mine to work??  I can't conceive that WinXP with IE7 is the only feasible platform.  I am willing to go the extra mile and make it work in Win7, even if it "voids my warranty", so to speak.

Go to Admin>Settings and you should find the VMR box, just uncheck it.  If you are running VSOM 6.3.0 with Vista/Windows7 the activeX will not correctly install on it. 

I am having the same issue with Win7.

WHEN is this going to be supported?

In reply to the Windows 7 question:

Windows 7 IS supported with VSM 6.3.1

IE 6, 7, 8 is supported with 6.3.1 (9 is not yet supported)

6.3.1 was released in December , 2010

If you continue to have issues, try uninstalling the ActiveX  control and reinstalling.

To uninstall, navigate to Control Panel >  Programs and Features and uninstall the Cisco Video Surveillance  Client.  Reboot your PC.

When signing back into VSOM 6.3.1, you will be  prompted to install the ActiveX control again.  Alternately you can  (before uninstalling) navigate to the VSOM Admin page, Utilities >?  Software & Downloads to download the VSOM Video Client manually so  that you may reinstall after the reboot locally rather than relying on  VSOM to ask permission to install the client.

You may need to disable User Access Control or have local administrator rights on the PC.

Got it to work...Thanks....


I having same issue in my win10 IE, activeX not installed 

"Invalid parameter: MPClientXML pointer is null in createView."

IE11 OS - WIn10 64 bit

Please help me

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