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Dear good morning,I am trying to test SASD on a VSOM version 7.5.I was able to download it from VSOM> Operation> Software> Safety and Security Desktop I install it correctly but when I run it I see it in task manager but it doesn't open it for me.I i...

lisandro by Level 1
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Deas, Kindly i need to know ,what will be happen if VSOM server goes down/ or loss reachability ?  i have 5 Remote sites managed by VSOM , each site has it's own VSM server (Media Server)so if the one site (Media server)  loss reachability to vsom it...

I am trying to disable USB0:/ on ISR 4321/k9 and 4221/k9 Routers running IOS-XE software.For security reasons, I need to disable USB0 port on these K9 routers. The command:      hw-module usb disabledoes not apply to these ISR Platform. Have anyone f...

mchuarinc by Level 1
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HelloI have a Cisco 3850 that has desktops and printers port secured by MAC address, I need to replace the desktops and printers.What commands can I use for no port security, then replace the desktops and printers, then port secure by the new MAC adr...

Hey all,I have a limited number of old 2830 PTZ's.  Here a few months back, I upgraded them to firmware 2.12.0-16.  After that point, it appears that some of them are not responsive to PTZ control in SASD.  I upgraded one of the to 2.12.1-1 here rece...

jwood.ok by Level 1
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